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5 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

When you think of Instagram as a site, one may not initially think of sales. Why would this huge, 1 billion users social networking site that is geared towards influencers and socializing and photo sharing, be the right platform for you to sell your goods or services?

Best Instagram Wall Tool for Events

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The Instagram platform is not only limited to attractive and compelling images but also has a huge room for user-generated content. This is the reason why Instagram is becoming the most favorable choice for all marketers. They have started leveraging this platform to promote their brands, products,

Make Chinese Friends: Top Tips You Need to Know

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If you want to get Chinese friends, be prepared for the fact that Western rules almost do not work here. China is a unique country, and some of the features of Chinese friendships may be really surprising. The main thing you should know is that it is

Can’t Seem to Drive Traffic via SEO? Try These 5 Alternative Traffic Generation Strategies

Search engine rankings are important, but sometimes funneling cash into SEO campaigns doesn’t deliver the desired results. Even if you can’t seem to drive traffic using SEO, that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. There are other ways to build an audience. Try one (or

Skrollo, A Fresh Take On Reporting Viral Media

Skrollo, a new digital news platform out of the San Gabriel Valley in California aims to put prescient power in the hands of their users.  We have all heard the phrase, “knowledge is power,” but as the internet has evolved, it has become clear that prediction is

How to Become a Social Media Expert in Just 3 Simple Steps

Did you know that roughly 44% of businesses use social media to help them achieve greater levels of brand awareness? What’s interesting is that many of these businesses don’t achieve great results with social media. Following this, if you become a social media expert, you’ll be able to cater

How to Build Your Brand on Instagram Quickly

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Social media has earned its rightful place as a very effective method for businesses to build brand awareness. Brands can use Instagram to build their profiles and increase their footprint among target audiences simply because, in the current context, Instagram is among the biggest social media platforms

Get likes on Instagram and take to storytelling to gain mileage in auto marketing

Pictures speak a thousand words and are the power behind Instagram that has become a hot favorite of the population under 35 years.   The most significant section of car buyers belongs to this group, and quite rightly, automobile manufacturers and traders are using Instagram to promote their

Smart ideas for Instagram feed for a graphic design business

Social media today has become the hub of most business houses and brands. It’s also a place for artists and freelancers to professionally create their business profiles and manage their news feeds. Are you into a graphic design business? If so, you need to enhance your Instagram

6 Facts You Should Know About Teens and the Social Media  

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Teens are among the earliest adopters of any new technology or social network. The whims and fancies of teens can make or break a social media site. After all, Facebook began as a social network for college students. A report released by Pew Research Center, Teens, Social Media