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Epic Games vs. Apple: Can a Game Be Removed From the App Store Illegally?

Epic Games, the makers of the super popular game Fortnite, is not one iota happy that Apple decided to remove their game from the App Store. Almost everyone agrees that apps that infringe on intellectual rights, copyrights, support illegal activity and the like can and should be

Professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career

A Business Analyst who is always sharing business tips as well as career tips. She is passionate about the latest trends of business & implementation.
The digital revolution has brought massive changes in the IT sector and professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career, especially with respect to recruitment and career progress. There has been high demand for qualified IT professionals who can help to manage the expansive world

10 Effective Ways to Improve Communication Across Your Mobile Workforce

Nicole Garrison is a freelance writer and a blogger with years of experience writing for professionals in different industries. She specializes in professional goals and improvement. She also has a passion for more formal writing, such as college essays and dissertations. If you ever wondered “Who could write my dissertation?” she’s the one to turn to.
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source: Pexels Whether you’re a team leader in a small business or the CEO of an international company, workplace communication needs to be one of your top priorities. For things to run smoothly, and your employees to be satisfied, you need to make sure everyone’s on the same

For the Horror Fan: 5 Horror Movies to Scare Your Pants off This Pandemic

The world, as we know it right now, is at a standstill because of the coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide. We are advised to stay indoors and limit our outdoor activities. Although this suggestion is a good and effective way of stopping the spread of disease, it can

How the four best assignment writing services help Students?

For students who are always burdened with assignments and homework, online assignment help is one of the most useful tools. Every day a student gets several new projects and homework. At times, the pressure on the student is so high that it almost gets impossible for him

7 Ways AI and Big Data are Impacting Healthcare

An experienced writer residing in the Northwestern U.S. She covers a wide range of subjects but takes a particular interest in covering topics related to AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, business productivity, and gaming.
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The integration of big data and artificial intelligence technologies across industries has prompted wide-spread change. Arguably every business and social service can utilize these technologies to improve the lives of millions, but nowhere is this more clear than in healthcare. From the enhanced levels of accessibility offered

How to Quickly Merge MP4 Files for Free on Windows and Mac?

If you are looking for some easy approaches to combine videos, you come to the right place. In this article, you will find 4 different ways that can help you merge MP4 files on the computer. No matter if are using Windows 10 or Mac OS X OS, you

How to set up an Amazon Business from scratch.

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Do you want to create a Passive Income for yourself? Have you dreamt of making money whilst you sleep? Many people do and Australian Sue Oliver has and this is how she has gone about the process. She wanted to learn how to sell products on Amazon

Top 7 Often Used Emojis By Most People In Social Media Today

Using emoji when texting is fun, but sometimes if you don’t have the right knowledge about their meanings and uses, you will have a hard time when and where to use them. You might end up using the wrong emoji to a conversation, which will represent a

Best Emojis to Use This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. Beaches and parks are the best places to go to relax your mind and body. And don’t forget about wearing your best beach outfits before you take your photos! Aside from the “OOTD” that we usually post, emojis can also be