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Ten ways to write an excellent movie review essay

Everyone loves watching movies. With what is going on these days, binge-watching seems the best option to remain safe and sound. Indeed, films play an integral part in our life. They help us recharge our batteries at the end of the day or, on the contrary, keep

Are You Ready for a Computer Career?

Is your goal to have a career in the computer industry? Even if it’s not, so you possess the basic IT skills to perform well in any modern field of work? Banks and accounting firms, for example, seek out candidates who have a solid understanding of computers

How Technology Has Revolutionised the Gambling Industry

Here at RabidGeek, we like to delve deeply into the ways that technology affects our lives. Changing technology restructures our society, and one place that is especially evident is in the way we gamble.  Gambling has been around for a long time. Greek and Roman pots have

What Can You Do When the USB Flash Drive is Not Recognized – Complete Guide

When you try to access a USB flash drive, have you ever met the “USB Device not Recognized” error? You are not alone. Due to various causes, many users have encountered the issue that USB flash drive not recognized / USB flash drive not showing up / USB flash drive not detected.  This article will outline the issue reasons, solve

Top 4 Books on Robotics

Are you a novice in robotics, or are you interested in new industry developments? Whatever your goal is, we have a book for you on our list. If you’re as geeky as us (clicking this title proves that you are), you’ll like our top four theoretical, practical,

Creating a Safe Environment: 9 Pitfalls of Working Remotely

Working remotely can be both a blessing and a curse. It can save money on transportation, reduce carbon emissions and more, but it can also reduce efficiency and productivity. Everyone is attracted to the freedom that comes with benign digital nomads, but there are two sides to

5 Best Screen Capture Software for Video Tutorials

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Video tutorials are valuable resources for learning. They help you obtain the information you need to solve any situation in your life and the more sensory media used during the learning process, the greater the possibility of fixing knowledge. Hence the advantage of using videos as a

Discovering Your Edge: The Secret Sauce That Will Set You Apart From Your Competition

What makes you stand out and sets you apart from the competition? If you think of the most well-known brands you will immediately conjure up an image and opinion of that business and that is a clear example of creating the competitive edge that fuels your success.

Digital Marketing – What is it and Why do you need it

Are you ready to launch new products in the market and expand your business? If you want to boost revenue and make your business successful, you should know that it takes money to make money. You have to invest money into your marketing to increase sales and

Beyond Bitcoin: Why You Need to Follow the Altcoin Market

Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency but there are big opportunities emerging in the altcoin market.  Bitcoin has broken the $19K barrier, and for now, the world’s eyes remain fixed on its impressive bull run. But there is another, probably more interesting, story: altcoins. Altcoins might not be performing as well