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    Can You And Your Business Be More Contactable?

    Connectivity is vital in business.

    Whether it is customers making enquiries or business partners reaching out with proposals, people need to be able to catch the attention of companies straightaway.

    Still, not every firm makes this easy. Some businesses even go out of their way to be evasive and out of reach. Moreover, records have been broken for customers stuck in lengthy phone queues, waiting for their queries to be addressed and resolved. These issues need to be resolved immediately if your company is experiencing them.

    Opening the floodgates is not necessarily the answer either. The quality of communication matters too. Any effort to be more contactable in business needs to be streamlined and focused, so those reaching out to your company never regret their decision.

    So, how can you be more contactable in business? What strategies work best? Read on after the jump to find out.

    Utilize a Virtual Mail Address

    Physical mail can be hard to manage and store. If you have other pressing responsibilities, it may also be a while before you can dig out individual messages and respond to them.

    However, provide virtual addresses with online access for all your remote mail needs. They can receive your mail in various states, scan it and share it with you digitally, and optionally shred the physical copies for you at no extra cost. They also endeavor to provide world-class customer service, so you may be able to learn something about being contactable from them, too.

    Being able to access your mail anywhere is an enormous advantage. After all, some of the most important correspondeces are conducted this way. There is unlimited digital storage, real-time alerts, international shipping arrangements, and top-tier mail security too. In the end, your company will be more contactable with these measures.

    These solutions are particularly effective if you run a home-based operation too. You may understandably have reservations about being mailed via your home address. A virtual address can address those concerns perfectly.

    Improve Website Presentation

    An elaborately presented website is a bad idea. Visitors navigating it will soon get lost and click away if they cannot find your contact section quickly and painlessly.

    Consequently, you must ensure that your site is easy to click through. Your ‘Contact Us’ page should be located at the very top and bottom of your web pages. Load times should be fast on the click and present visitors with all the phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses they require.

    A ‘Meet the Team’ page may also be a good idea. If clients are scrolling through the company website and can identify employees, they can look for customer service personnel who are best equipped to handle their queries immediately.

    Optimize your website for mobile too. Many visitors to your online domains will be doing so from a smartphone, and pages must load fast and be immaculately presented to them as well. Focus on convenience when it comes to contact, and things will be greatly improved.

    Facilitate Engagement Through Social Media

    Some companies treat their social media as a passive effort or a box-ticking exercise. However, these digital settings are perfect for demonstrating just how contactable your firm is.

    Your firm’s social media accounts should be thought-provoking and draw interest with likes, shares, and replies. Try to demonstrate that you want to be contacted. Ask questions of your audience. Provide commentary on aspects of your operations or industry that naturally invite further discussion. People may take that bait.

    Moreover, you and your social media managers should not shy away from publicly responding to customer queries and complaints via these platforms. If you can do so with personality and charisma, it could also improve others’ perceptions of the firm. If other users see your business as responsive and relatable, they may be more likely to get in touch.

    Consider how the best social media posts can go viral amongst the masses. A response to one customer may address the queries of a thousand. There should be a constant conversation between your business and your audience on social media.

    Use Chatbot Technologies

    Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that the busier they are, the better. It is a dangerous assumption to have, as a workload that is too heavy can detract from other areas of the business and leave companies stretched thin.

    Thousands of customers asking queries every moment will be an overwhelming prospect for firms, big or small. Your company may be fielding more calls and questions, but many of those making them will go unheard for a long time or even indefinitely. Therefore, the load needs to be eased somewhat here. As is often the case, technology has the answers.

    Chatbots are automated digital helpers that can function on your website. They can answer the more predictable, elementary questions that your visitors have. After that, they will be less likely to contact your support team directly, clearing the runway for web visitors with more complex concerns requiring human intervention. A live chat service can be useful in that situation, too!

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