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    Calculate Words Per Minute

    Have you ever compared your reading and speaking speed to others?

    Reading and speaking at a high speed is a skill that makes the work done in comparatively less time. When you ask someone about how fast they can read or speak they will tell you about their word per minute (WPM). This is basically the number of characters including spaces and punctuation. For instance, “There is a beautiful car” Now there are 25 characters in this phrase. If it took one minute to say it then you can calculate the WPM as:

    25/5 = 5.0 WPM. 

    If your finger slipped and a character was ignored then you would have the wrong WPM. Here an online WPM calculator comes in handy. You can visit to get the assistance of a perfect words per minute calculator. 

    More Info:

    WPM is generally the calculation of each word that is equal to five keystrokes which are: numbers, spaces, letters, and punctuations. For instance, if you have typed 400 characters in 3 minutes then the gross Words per minute will be as:

    (400 / 5) / 3 = 26.67 WPM

    The percentage of correct entries is also defined as accuracy. If you have read 400 characters with 18 errors then it means that you have read 382 correct entries and the percentage of accuracy will be (382 / 400 ) x 100 = 95.5 % 

    Steps to Calculate the Reading Speed:

    To find out the reading speed of a person follow the below-listed steps:

    • Get a stopwatch or use the timer on your phone.
    • Set the timer and read at full speed to determine the reading speed.
    • When you have completed the reading task then stop the timer.
    • Note down the finish time.
    • Now use the following formula to find out the WPM.

    WPM = Words on a page / total seconds taken to read the page * 60.

    There is a great chance of human error when you are performing the calculation manually. So to reduce the risk of error, get the help of the words per minute calculator. It will just require you to add the parameters like the word count and some other things and will provide you the accurate reading and speaking speed. 

    How to Calculate Words Per Minute Online?

    Follow the below-listed steps to calculate WPM with an online word counter per minute:

    Step 1:

    Firstly, add the reading speed, speaking speed, and the number of words into designated places of the word per minute reading calculator.

    Step 2:

    Press the calculate button and wait for a few seconds until the completion of the calculation.

    Step 3:

    Hit the download icon to export the results in PDF format from the words per minute calculator.

    How to Increase WPM (Reading & Speaking)?

    This is not a daunting task, you just need to follow some easy tips to increase the WPM. An increased WPM means that you can read the content very easily and can speak very fluently.

    Here we have listed some tips to increase the WPM:

    Read with a Timer:

    Start reading with a timer and try to cut down the time consumption. Note down each time duration spends on every line of a page and try to shorten this time in the new turn. 

    Understand Each Word:

    To speak with a rapid speed, it’s necessary to understand the words and the way to pronounce them. It will help you to say each word as quickly as possible. Say it again and again until you say it accurately with high speed. 


    Now the final thing is the practice. Keep practising again and again until you start reading at an optimum speed. Determine the WPM with the help of a good words per minute calculator  and after that practice again and again to get the desired speed. 


    Determining the accurate WPM is good for the readers and students to increase their learning, speaking, and writing capabilities.  They can improve it easily by calculating how many words per minute they can read. If you want to calculate it precisely then instead of performing the manual calculation get the assistance of an online Words per minute calculator. 

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