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    Buying Guide: Top 8 Best Selling SevenFriday Watches in 2021

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    Dan Niederer and Arnaud Duval launched SevenFriday in Zürich, Switzerland, in 2012. SevenFriday is a brand founded on the principles of taking a risk, challenging the power structure, and generating alternatives. The brand name goes to ‘Seize the Day,’ which is a more modern way of pronouncing it. Because Friday is the happiest day of the week, the name ensures that you enjoy seven joyful days. This brand is notable for its watch design, which allows the wearer to see the complex elements of a movement by not using a skeleton dial.

    This Swiss watch brand creates a powerful impression on the modern watch collectors, a real genuine prestige watch brand worth purchasing. If you’re having difficulties finding accurate information on the Sevenfriday brand, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you. We can promise you that these 8 SevenFriday watches are must-haves and must-buys.

    1.   SevenFriday S Series S1/01

    The SevenFriday S series focuses on environmental stewardship. That’s why the materials used in the SevenFriday S1/01 model are environment-friendly. The outer casing of this watch, known as the ‘animation ring,’ shows more of the mechanism inside with an open-worked dial and second wheel. The keyless winding and setting mechanisms, as well as the balancing wheel, are visible. While this is a big watch, its stainless steel case fits nicely on the wearer’s wrist. The SevenFriday S Series S1/01 may be a large watch, but it will make you feel comfortable.

    2.   SevenFriday M Series M3/01

    A Spaceship-inspired edition wristwatch, SevenFriday’s well-known M-Series collection is called the ‘Spaceship Edition.’ This one takes a forward-thinking approach. Anytime you view this model, you will remember the movie series Star Wars, Star Trek, and other science fiction movies. In comparison to the previous versions, the watch has multiple layers. It contains seven layers and eleven applied pieces to give it a 3D appearance. At the 3H point, sandblasted and polished black and gunmetal discs create an aerodynamic Y-Wing embossed with the SevenFriday logo.

    3.    SevenFriday Q Series Q2/03

    When Queen Victoria became the first queen to ride by rail in 1842, Sevenfriday got inspired to design a remarkable watch. SevenFriday named this ‘Choo-Choo’ wristwatch after the sound made by a train. Its design makes it appear to be a component of an engine. The SevenFriday Q Series Q2/03 watch comes with a wax-treated leather strap to complete the train track appearance. Its bracelet has a road-worn feel to it that acquires a patina with time. The SevenFriday Q2/03 Choo Choo watch makes us wish we could go back in time to see the railway’s original setting and hear the pounding pistons and loud ringing of machinery firsthand.

    4.   SevenFriday V Series V3/01

    This series is one of the most popular, best-selling, and rapidly growing indie watches available in the market. The utility and beauty of speedometers inspired the SevenFriday V3/01 model. Its resemblance to previous motorsport timepieces made them dubbed this model as the “driver’s edition.” The dial has digits in a design similar to the speedometers. Its brushed steel sections imitate pedals and gear paddles, and they added light blue and red highlights to liven up the entire dial. The V3/01 truly feels like a little on your wrist, which is very comfortable.

    5.   SevenFriday P Series P3B/03

    When you see the SevenFriday P3B/03 watch, you immediately think of yellow muscle cars. This model refers to “the symbol of the bond between man and machine.” A glance at the dial will confirm those statements. This watch is one of the best-selling SevenFriday watches in 2020. The protective equipment used by riders also comes in brilliant yellow color, making it ideal for those who are bold enough to wear a bright-colored watch. This watch has a black silicone animation ring, a carbon fiber interface, and a color-coordinated silicone and leather strap.

    6.   SevenFriday M Series M1B/01

    The horizontal axis shows the running seconds of the SevenFriday M1B/01 watch. This model offers reason to believe that the brand will return to its roots. The SevenFriday M Series M1B/01 watch opted to employ a variety of materials. For starters, it offers an industrial characteristic because of the chevron steel flooring pattern. The intricate seven-layer dial is simple to read, and the inventive use of materials and finishes adds interest without becoming obtrusive. This timepiece has the required industrial aspect thanks to dial screws, steel-effect components, and futuristic typefaces.

    7.    SevenFriday W Series W1/01

    Watch collectors and enthusiasts know this timepiece as ‘The Blade.’ The watch W series casings are often a combination of square and circular shapes. SevenFriday refers to its visibility from a long-distance away. The idea for “The Blade” originates from industrial power equipment, as seen in many aspects. On the left side of the casing, there are two notable protrusions. They not only provide a case with a distinct look, but they are also functional in several aspects. Its dial retains the same industrial look. It also comes in a grey, black, and orange color scheme that resembles a cyborg from a sci-fi film.

    8.   SevenFriday P Series P3C/03

    The last watch on our list is also the most recent product from the Swiss watch company SevenFriday. It wonderfully reflects their eccentric attitude with a gorgeous new ocean blue and yellow design and a complicated multi-layered dial. What I’m talking about is the Beach Club or SevenFriday P3C/03 watch. The wristwatch design dedicates to accompany you on your summer travels when paired with a pair of shorts and sunglasses. The canvas strap on the P3C/03 stitches is blue. This watch can handle any summer activity thanks to its water resistance, durability, and good looks.


    SevenFriday can meet your expectations in buying a high-quality watch. These watches are must-haves in your watch collection, which can be suitable for all sexes. Watch collectors love these watches, so we’re sure that you will also love these watches. We assure you that the suggestions on our list are worth your money. Check it out for yourself at What are you still waiting for? Do not think twice and purchase one now.

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