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    Buying a LED Bulb? 5 Things You Need to Know

    One should never settle for less – be it in life, or when buying bulbs. The world is rapidly switching to LED bulbs. So, if you still have the same old incandescent bulbs in your home, we ask you why? What are you waiting for?

    An LED bulb can be a godsend for your home – especially if you are struggling with heavy electricity bills. On the plus side, they’re energy-efficient – so you will be doing environment and its resources a big favour. Additionally, LED bulbs last way longer than LED bulbs – making them worth every penny in case you had been worrying about the price.

    In a nutshell, there are a lot of reasons to buy LED bulbs. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy LED them.

    That said, here are a few things you must know before buying an LED bulb.

    Image Source: Luminous

    Image Source: Luminous

    1. You Might Be Wrong About the Concept of Watts

    Science taught us that watt is the SI unit of power. Sure, it is, but it is not the unit of brightness as most of us believe. In other words, it’s not necessary that a high watt LED bulb would give you the brightest light. This can apply to incandescent bulbs, but not LED bulbs.

    When it comes to LED bulbs, Watt is not an indicator of brightness, but the energy the LED bulb draws. An 80-Watt incandescent bulb might burn as bright as an 8-Watt LED bulb. Nonetheless, it will still draw less power than an incandescent bulb.

    The takeaway is, if you want the brightest LED bulb in the market, don’t let watt be the driving indicator. Lumen (lm) is the name that matters for you as it is the indicator of brightness.

    2.  You Can Experiment with Colors

    If you feel white lights and yellow lights are too basic, LED bulbs give you the privilege of experimenting with colors. Thankfully, LED bulbs come in a variety of colors – from red to purple, you can find an array of colors to change the ambience of your room.

    However, be mindful of your requirements. You wouldn’t want to resort to blue lights if you have a lot of reading to do. Ergo, it’s suggested you also invest in LED bulbs in soft shades as well. 

    3. LED Bulbs Can Last for Years to Come – Not 1 or 2, 10-20 Years. 

    Surprised, aren’t you? You probably heard that LED bulbs last 1-2 years, but 10 -20 years, we bet that’s news to your ears.

    The science behind it lies in its working. LED bulbs cool down much faster than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs do produce heat, but that heat is absorbed by the heat sink, which is present at the base of the bulb. The heat then fades away into the air. Bulbs tend to have a shorter lifespan if they face heating issues. But as LED bulbs have a quick fix at the base, this issue is resolved – that’s how they can last years – 10-20 – totally worth the price you pay.

    4. It’s Not Suggested to Use LED Bulbs in Highly Confined Spaces

    Every appliance that heats, needs to cool down. That is only possible when there’s open space or at least a passage for air to come in. Likewise, for LED bulbs. LED bulbs, being LED bulbs don’t tend to heat up when you touch them, but they do heat even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    That said, this heat needs to escape from the base, as stated in the previous point. Ergo, it is suggested to avoid keeping them in highly confined spaces.

    5. Ensure that You are Buying LED Bulbs from Reputed Brands

    As we said in the beginning, don’t settle for less when you are buying electrical appliances. Every electrical appliance contributes to the safety and security of your home. That’s why it’s recommended that you don’t settle for an obscure brand that provides non-credible products.

    Luminous, for one, is a brand you can trust with your eyes closed. It is recognized for providing top-notch products at reasonable prices. Additionally, when it comes to innovation, it’s way ahead of time. You can find the next-gen, latest appliances designed to make your lives easier. Likewise, Luminous’ LED bulbs are a top-notch investment, when it comes to quality and variety – a decision in the right direction.

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