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    12 Ad Blocking Extensions Tested For Best Performance

    The most annoying thing is when you are browsing on a certain website and unwanted advertisers come up popping in front of you, which in turn will create a hindrance in your work and even slows down the loading function of the site. Ultimately you are left with just one option and that is to get an ad blocker. It is the most convenient feature added by the recent browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

    These ad blockers not only blocks the ads but also cuts down the content a page loads and also protects your privacy as well. To check out which ad blocker is the best, their performance is evaluated and tested and the blocker which earns maximum points is termed as the best ad blocking extensions. Here is a list of certain ad blockers available in the markets which are tested on various browsers. Do, check them out.

    12 Ad Blocking Extensions Tested For Best Performance:-

    1. AdBlock

    ad blocking extensions

    Ad blocking extensions is the most in demand ad blocker for Chrome and has over 200 million downloads every year. This Blocker usually blocks ads whether you are browsing on Google or even You Tube which is great in itself.

    1. AdBlock Plus

    ad blocking extensions

    This ad blocking extensions is one of the best especially for the most used browsers i.e Chrome and Firefox.It has been the most controversial ad blockers till now because it was the first ad blocking extensions to be introduced in the market. Apart from the above mentioned browsers, it is also compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and even Android.

    1. AdBlock Pro

    Ad Block Pro is just like AdBlock Plus but there is a minor difference between the two. The former is much and easier or in other words we can say less complex than the latter. This ad blocking extensions is available for Chrome browser and the icon bar is just there on the address bar and you just have three simple options to choose for.

    1. Adguard

    ad blocking extensions

    Adguard is ad blocking extensions available for both Firefox as well as for Chrome. It is quite accessible in nature and you can easily add extra blocking scripts to it as when it is required. The main product used by this blocker is the shareware desktop application that blocks all kinds of ads without adding any kind of add on feature to it.

    1. AdRemover

    AdRemover is also just like ad blocking extensions having the same number of options available. The difference is just regarding certain presentation features and is also sponsored by various social media sites. But any kind of donation is not asked.

    1. Ghostery

    ad blocking extensions

    Ghostery is one of the best ad blockers used by people. It has very interesting features in it and has the capacity to block widgets, web beacons, privacy scripts and analytic scripts. Another important feature is that it is easily accessible as you can easily enable or disable the scripts as per requirement without nay hindrance. This ad blocking extensions is available for Chrome, Opera, Safari and almost all mobile software.

    1. Simple AdBlock

    This adblocker was criticized a lot recently because it has not been updated since 2014 and there were rumors that it does not block certain ads while browsing. But during the performance test, it was proved wrong as Simple ad blocking extensions gave an extremely good performance by blocking all kinds of ads coming its way. It is very easy to use and understand and has a single option to opt in or not.

    1. SuperBlock AdBlocker

    ad blocking extensions

    It is developed by the same people who developed ad blocking extensions as it is almost the same. The only difference is the addition of an extra feature in the filter list and change of style or theme as well. Apart from that it is an upgraded version of the AdRemover blocking software.

    1. U AdBlock

    ad blocking extensions

    This ad blocking software is quite easily to use and even easier to understand. You just need to click on the icons to block or unblock a particular site. The number of options available are three in number but the negative aspect regarding this blocker is that it has not been updated since 2015 which quite a long time gap.

    1. U AdBlock Origin

    This one is one of the most advanced ad blocking software which is mostly used by those you use Chrome and Firefox as their daily browser. This is proved to be really efficient for CPU and its memory. This blocker has the capacity to block a number of websites at a time which in turn helps in loading your actual web page for which you are browsing for.

    1. BluHell Firefall

    ad blocking extensions

    BluHell Firefall as the name suggests is an ad blocker for Firefox browser. It blocks the required sites and also provides you decent security as well. You can turn on/off the extension whenever required. The software is quite light weighted as performs quite well as expected. You can download it from the Firefox web store.

    1. DoNotTrackMe

    ad blocking extensions

    This ad blocker is available for Chrome browser. This ad blocking extensions prevents your information to get hacked which in turn improves your privacy. You can even view your trackers on social media through this software and you can also get alerts when a particular website changes its privacy settings. So, do get it now to enjoy easier surfing on the internet.

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