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    Best Web Hosting 2016 – Arvixe Review

    In this Best Web Hosting 2016 series, we take a look at some of the most promising web hosting services out there. As a small business owner – whether you have a business website, an online store or a popular money making blog, you have a lot riding on your website or blog and so you will want a web hosting service that offers maximum reliability. You don’t want one that breaks down every now and that. That’s why Arvixe, a new web hosting service, could be the solution that you’re looking for.

    The one thing that stands out about Arvixe, as you will find in this Arvixe Review is the uptime – it is a phenomenal 99.9%. This is as high as it gets in the industry. But it’s one thing to promise a high uptime, how can you be sure about getting it? Well, if you don’t get a 99.9% uptime with Arvixe, the company promises a full refund on your monthly charges – that’s how confident they are about their services.

    Arvixe is a California based company which has been around since 2003. It hosts tens of thousands of websites all over the world and specializes in hosting for small businesses. Besides being reliable, Arvixe is affordable, secure and has a great customer support.

    So how is the 99.9% uptime made possible? It is made possible because Arvixe has the most advanced data centers that are backed by UPS systems that offer 24/7 power all through the year. The Arvixe servers are connected to the Web by a super fast network capable of incredible speeds that avoids broadband traffic jams.

    Arvixe Review – Hosting Plans

    Let’s look at some of the hosting plans offered by Arvixe…

    Shared Linux Web Servers: This is perfect for those with WordPress blogs or with personal websites. It does not cost much. Shared web hosting on Arvixe starts at $4.00/month and has another plan that costs $7.00/month. With either plan, you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, dedicated IP, integrated CDN, Softaculous and free domain names.

    VPS Hosting: VPS Hosting gives you dedicated servers that nobody else uses. There are 3 main VPS plans such as VPSClass Lite, which costs $20/month, VPSClass, which costs $40/month and VPSClass Pro, costs $70/month.  With these plans you get free domain names, SSL certificate, Softaculous, Cloudflare CDN, and AdWords credits.

    Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated server hosting offers a high level of performance and a 100% uptime guarantee, but also costs more. It consists of 3 plans – Basic costs $108/month, Pro costs $129/month and Premium costs $149/month.

    Arvixe Review: Customer Support

    Arvixe offers 24/7 customer support that is professional, polite, courteous and knowledgeable. Arvixe’s customer support executives are all based in the United States and can be contacted by e-mail, chat or phone. There is also has a comprehensive help desk software available at the Arvixe website that offers access to a huge knowledge base and the latest information, articles, blogs and videos about the company.  You can also get in touch with Arvixe customer support through Twitter.

    Arvixe Review: Control Panel

    Arvixe has the web hosting industry’s best control panel – cPanel. cPanel is very user friendly and is perfect for blog hosting, CMS hosting, forum hosting, online stores hosting, video hosting, etc. It comes equipped with several types of software and scripts and does not require any technical expertise.

    Best Web Hosting 2016 – Arvixe

    Why not? Despite being a small company Arvixe is one of the best hosting services out there. The 99.9% uptime offered by Arvixe is excellent. There are no hidden costs associated with Arvixe, and it offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its services. Arvixe also offers free website transfer – which means it provides technical support, for no extra charge, if you are struggling to transfer your website from your old web hosting service to Arvixe.

    Click here to visit the Arvixe website for more information…



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