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    10 Best Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    Chromebook is the series of laptop which operates on Linux based Chrome operating system.  Here we review the 10 best productivity apps you will need to operate efficiently.

    These notebooks were designed with a focus to use regular internet connectivity and most of its application uses Cloud Technology.

    Chromebook is the most successful Linux computer to date. There are many Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs to use at once. All you need is the exact information that meets your daily requirements.

    The Chromebook operating system is better than other platforms like Windows and macOS.  Since its earliest launch, this product has been a big hit among the school students, business men and office personal.

    You are able to perform heavy-duty tasks with the special chrome apps. It’s all just a onetime investment to a world class notebook and it enhances your overall productivity.

    There are many apps but we have here a list of the 10 best productivity Apps every Chromebook User needs to install on their device.

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    10 Best Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs:

    1. Lucid Charts:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    This is among the Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs in making online flowcharts of any category.  Here you get the option to sketch it as per your desire and share such professional flowcharts. Now the business presentations are very easy to conduct and even school projects. Lucid Charts comes with easy compatibility with other important programs.  You can make the flowcharts as per the following category like Flowchart for engineering stuff,  business presentations and helps with project making for the school kids.

    2. Papier:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    The Papier application is the new extension for creating notes and helps you better to note down your thoughts. According to the human fact nearly 60,000 thoughts come in the human mind. All you need is the perfect app that may help you to spell down those thoughts.  This application is in built in the chrome browser and you can exclusively enjoy its lavishing features. You can also add it as an extension and note down the important information and present it in data form. It offers the best formatting features with richer textual support and also saves the data automatically.

    3. Gliffy Diagrams:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    Need to complete the official presentation with impressive diagrams and charts? What to do, where to go, on what can you rely for the best presentation? Here you have the Gliffy Diagrams which can help you to make the best presentations to impress the officials. The good presentation of the data in the form of graph will help in delivering the necessary information in the easiest and striking way. This kind of Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs to improve your skills but also enhance the engagement of the audience.

    4. VCita Online billing, invoicing and Payments:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    The vCita is the best online business managing app in its class. This app is the single destination to make online payments, invoicing and billing especially for the small scale businesses. Now you have the option to manage your clients effectively, mark the notes and respond to their requirements. With the exciting option of the Calendar Management in vCita, you can now manage the important meetings, business schedules and relating events. The billing and invoicing helps in creating and branding the invoices and calculate all the business incomes and outcomes with the central dashboard.

    5. Sketch Pad 3:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    You can experience the magic of Sketch Pad 3 more if you have a touch screen Chromebook. Now it is possible to create and sketch amazing pictures and paintings with this application. You can easily add text with limitless fonts, edit, resize and reedit the image with Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs. There are different kinds of brushes, tools, shapes and textures to make the best picture. Now display your imagination with the help of the exciting application called Sketch Pad 3. The app offers you to import and export many other important tools to enhance your creativity. You can easily drag and drop the images from anywhere and even save them in different formats inclusive of Zip files and PDF files.

    6. Highly Highlighter:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    There are times when you have tones of workload to read the files and mark the important points. Even for the students in schools, colleges and universities need to read and write important documents, presentations, assignments project files etc. They also have to read large quantity of important thesis and research work to succeed. The highly highlighter helps them to specify the important points and lines in that research work. You can easily share this important data with your colleagues and seniors. Despite of highlighting the important notes and information, you get the option to highlight the images, charts, graphs and other relating non-text objects.

    7. Lazarous- Form Recovery:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    Data recovery is the major issue for every internet user. There are times when we are travelling a lot and cant access the public Wi-Fi to store or share the data online. The fear to lose the data always scares the hell out of us. Here you get the best solution with Lazarous-Form Recovery for every kind of file recoveries without losing their data. This application has the capability to auto-save the important data which you tend to upload online and to share with the world. It also offers to reload the page when you  face frequent timeouts.

    8. Voice Clock:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    While performing regular tasks in the offices its quite common to forget the time schedule for important work. After a long time it comes in your mind about that important task and then it’s generally too late to complete it. These situations are common to all and every signal individual faces such consequences. So what to do, Here you have Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs as Voice Clock to hint and inform you about your important schedules and tasks.

    9. Screenshot App:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    The screenshot application enables you to take the exact image you want from the upcoming screen. With the Screenshot app you get the provision to customize it with more and exciting editing option as per your requirements.

    10. Dictanote:

    Productivity Apps Every Chromebook User Needs

    This application helps with you to get offline dictation. The dictanote supports nearly 40 different languages.  Now you can easily record your voice notes, add different tags, and even categorize them in the best possible organized way. It enables you with the typical typing mode, which allows you to make texts and audio notes as per the requirements. Dictanote also supports PDF and Doc files to ease your workability.

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