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    6 Best Podcast Apps for Linux

    Podcasts in both audio and video formats have become very popular and that is why we have pulled together for you the 6 best podcast apps for Linux.

    They are now the active partners when you are engaged with all the worldly stuff and support you with background music. It soothes your mood and allows you to work with focus and decencies.

    You can also learn the foreign languages in an easy way with such platforms.

    Podcasts can also be enjoyed on your smartphones and computers.

    There are dozens and dozens of such podcasts, which are infamous among the varied users worldwide.

    But as per Linux users, they have limited options with podcast apps.

    Apparently, all the present pod casters work perfectly with Linux and it’s not a matter to get worried about.

    There are normal music players and that single app you can help in managing all your musical episodes.

    But for geeks, we have a list of dedicated Podcast Apps for Linux, where they can choose the best options for the apps that support playback and pod catcher.

    Below discussed are the leading 6 best podcast apps for Linux, just have need look at their features, pros-cons, and capabilities to make the right choice.

    6 Best Podcast Apps for Linux:

    1. Vocal

    podcast apps for linux

    Vocal is infamous as a podcast client for Linux, designed for Elementary Operating System. Such Podcast apps are specially enabled for direct downloading from the AppCenter.

    Vocal is now available for various platforms such as Ubuntu, Fedora and other RPM based distros.

    It is application based software with a clean and simple user interface.

    On the control panel of Vocal, you will see settings dialog at the top corner where you can find information about each episode.

    This powerful app consists of various features which allow you to download episodes or stream online.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Vocal is mainly designed to play both audio and video podcasts.
    • It will automatically download new episodes for you and remove all old episodes from your storage.
    • Vocal is a powerful, fast and intuitive application that allows the users to find new podcasts episodes and much more.
    • The main problem with Vocal is that it does not show duration and size of the episode.
    • There is a lack of support for iTunes podcast store.

    2. gPodder:

    6 Best Podcast Apps for Linux

    gPodder is a libre web service that allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions and discover new content.

    gPodder is a simple, open source podcast client written in Python using GTK+.

    In development since 2005 with a proven, mature codebase. Firstly gPodder is basically designed for Linux but with the advent of technology, gPodder introduced new features.

    Now, gPodder is available as one of the leading Podcast Apps on popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, as well as Android.

    Pros and cons:

    • gPodder enable you to create podcast playlist and synchronization of the playlist with media devices.
    • It allows you to track YouTube, sound cloud, and other feeds.
    • The powder application will not open any file automatically, you have to operate it manually.

    3. VLC Media Player:

    podcast apps for linux

    The VLC media player is open source portable and cross-platform media player which is designed by VideoLAN project.

    This media player also allows you to stream video or episode online without buffering or lagging.

    VLC media player provide support for podcast management. You can navigate podcast option under the internet section of your playlist.

    One has to click on Add (+) icon and paste the link of video or episodes and these podcast apps allows you to download videos manually in VLC media player.

    Pros and Cons:

    • VLC has an ability to play both the audio file and video file on podcast simultaneously.
    • It is not the best podcatcher available on the internet, it does not offer inbuilt podcast delivery feature and there is no option to import or export subscriptions.
    • Unlike Vocal, it does not automatically download new episodes for you.
    • Another negative point of VLC, it never stores a history of episodes you have watched.

    4. Clementine

    podcast apps for linux

    When you talk about best podcasts apps for Linux, then you can’t miss Clementine.

    Clementine is a free and open-source multiplatform music player available for a variety of operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS etc and was released in 2010.

    It is one of the best podcast for Linux.

    Users can search and play music online including podcasts.

    Clementine podcast allows setting the frequency of the search for new music and from where to download them.

    Clementine is amazing because it automatically deletes the played episodes after a specified period of time.

    All podcasts are available in Internet tab where you can organize episodes into playlists, unsubscribe podcasts, delete and download episodes.

    Users can mark episodes as new or listened to keep track.

    Pros and cons:

    • Clementine can update the podcasts all at once or individually which you select.
    • It can automatically check and download new episodes.
    • You can only listen to audio podcasts as it is only an audio player as it does not support the video podcasts.

    5. Cantata

    podcast apps for linux

    Cantata is a cross-platform application that depends on MPD (Music Player Daemon). MPD is a free open source music server.

    MPD runs in the background as a service and requires a client to manage and organize playlists.

    Cantata is that client or frontend with which you can manage music and playlists on MPD.

    Cantata has many features like tag editing, dynamic playlists, audio CD ripping, Soundcloud, Shoutcast, and TuneIn.

    It has a very flexible interface and is similar to Clementine in its functionality.

    Pros and cons:

    • It automatically checks with respect to the new episodes.
    • It also provides you an opportunity to download the latest episodes altogether or even the selected number.
    • Create your own playlists by selecting episodes from different podcasts.
    • Like Clementine, it does not support the video podcasts
    • It does not provide info about the single episode.

    6. Guayadeque

    Guayadeque is fully loaded and a free open source podcasts apps for Linux.

    Guayadeque uses GStreamer media framework and supports a number of audio formats like mp3, Ogg, FLAC, WMA, mp4, ape, etc.

    It allows reading and writing tags and labels, recording of radio stream, crossfading, ripping an audio CD and much more.

    You can easily add new podcasts manually or automatically from the podcasts directory.

    The keyword can be used for faster searches.

    Pros and cons:

    • As per your favorite tastes and liking it automatically download the new episodes.
    • You can easily manage with the older episodes in a single go.
    • Not able to manage the video podcasts and there are certain bugs to be fixed yet.
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