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    7 Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    A PDF reader is a must no matter whatever device you are using, whether it is your Smartphone, your laptop or computer or any other iOS devices. Nowadays, almost every document whether it is your bank statement, any kind of newsletter or any other downloadable document, all are being sent and opened in PDF format only. PDF Readers for Windows Users are considered as the most demanded document format software all around the world. This is the reason why most of the smart devices come with the inbuilt feature of opening up PDF files which are the talk of the town these days. In fact, the number of users using PDF format files or documents is increasing day by day because this software come with a lot of abilities or you can call advantages which make its users fall in love with the software.

    PDF files are quite easy to convert to any other format like MS Word. Apart from that PDF files come with a better viewing and search options. The technology experts have created a lot of PDF readers which are compatible with all kinds of software like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. These amazing PDF readers are quite to use as you can very easily create and edit your own personalized PDF files whenever you require. These PDF readers are totally free of cost and can be downloaded easily. So, here we are providing you the list of the top PDF Readers for Windows Users which are compatible with Windows software. Do check them out.

    7 Best PDF Readers for Windows Users:-

    1. Sumatra PDF

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    Sumatra PDF reader is amazing PDF software which is quite easy to use and is compatible with the Windows software. These PDF Readers for Windows Users are extremely simple to understand as well and also comes with a special feature of personal customization of the files or documents according to your requirement. It also comes with a wide variety of viewing modes like Single Page, Facing, Book View and Presentation. The best out of the four is the Presentation mode as you can easily read your document or file under this mode without any kind of distraction. This PDF reader can either be downloaded in portable form or you can just install it for free like any other program.

    1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    Adobe Systems are actually the manufacturers or you can say the creators of the amazing PDF software. So, the creators of the PDF file format i.e. the Adobe Systems have come up with an Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which has some really amazing features like taking snapshots of your text and pictures, viewing your PDF file in Reading Mode format and the best one is reading out the text or document aloud. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux software and is also available in the form of an app for your Smartphone. This PDF file reader can be downloaded for free with the help of a download manager.

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    1. MuPDF

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    These amazing PDF Readers for Windows Users are compatible with both Windows and Android devices and is quite light weight as well. Right after its installation, it immediately starts working as a PDF reader without any kind of interface. Its working is also extremely simple as you just need to click on the top left program icon on the Windows title bar, then after that you need to select the About MuPDF after which you will finally get to see all shortcut keys which you can use to zoom in, flip the pages and search any kind of text.

    1. Expert PDF Reader

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    Another extremely cool PDF reader compatible with Windows operating system is Expert PDF Reader which you can easily download free of cost. This PDF reader lets you view bookmarks and other lists of pages or text in quite an easy read index or mode. Apart from that, it has other amazing features like signing and adding text to a PDF which is generally not found in other PDF readers as these are considered advanced options. This PDF reader is quite in demand by the Windows users especially due to its easy side of the viewing area.

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    1. Nuance PDF Reader

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    Nuance PDF Reader is compatible with almost all versions of Windows, whether it is Windows 10,8, 7, Vista and XP. The Nuance PDF Reader comes with a very special feature in which whatever you search through the search icon, shows up a hint of the context for better or easier understanding and you can easily find where your search items are in the text. This function or feature is considered quite a valuable search function. Apart from that, you can also highlight your text for maintaining study notes or reference documents. So, all in all, this PDF reader is quite amazing and is available free of cost.

    1. PDF-XChange Editor

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    These PDF Readers for Windows Users are also available free of cost and is compatible with Windows XP and other versions of Windows operating system. The program interface of this PDF reader is a bit complex in nature because of there a lot of buttons and toolbars and even side panels which can actually confuse you for a moment. But if you want to work on an easier mode, then you can disable certain items from the list which are of no use for you. If you don’t want to download the PDF reader software, then you can simply enter the URL of your PDF file and the software will automatically open your file. Apart from that, you can also add notes, record and attach audio files, highlight your text and even attach other files through this software.

    1. Evince

    Best PDF Readers for Windows Users

    This one is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems and you can easily customize your toolbar according to your requirement. These PDF Readers for Windows Users  supports auto scroll function through which you can easily adjust the position of your mouse on the screen and the PDF file will scroll down automatically. The scrolling speed can also be customized accordingly.

    So, these are the 7 best PDF Readers for Windows Users.

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