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    Best Online Cloud Storage 2016 – GotBackup versus Amazon Cloud Drive

    In this Best Online Cloud Storage 2016 Review, we compare an established online file storage company, Amazon Cloud Drive, with a relatively new entrant to the industry, GotBackup.  Amazon’s cloud services are fast becoming one of its main businesses, almost as important as its retail business.

    Amazon Cloud Drive is not yet the most popular online backup product, as the market is dominated by Dropbox and Google Drive, but it is one of the cheapest online file storage services out there.

    The Texas based GVO Inc is the company behind GotBackup. GotBackup has several advantages, but is slightly hamstrung by its lack of name recognition. GotBackup works in the same manner as Dropbox does and can be considered to be a Dropbox clone.

    GotBackup versus Amazon Cloud Drive: Pricing and Plans

    Amazon Cloud Drive is very affordably priced. It offers unlimited photo storage for only $11.99/year, so you’ll only have to pay $1 per month. Amazon gives you 5GB of extra storage for documents, videos, music files etc. But really, you will want something more than 5GB. But the unlimited file storage option available with Amazon costs $59.99/year plan, or $4.99/ month.

    GotBackup offers a trial plan that costs just $1 for a week. If you like what you see, you can then choose any of the 3 plans offered by GotBackup such as, Personal Backup Plan, which costs $8.99/month and offers unlimited online cloud backup for just one device. Then you have the Family Plan, which costs $14.99/month and offers unlimited online file storage for 5 devices. Finally, there is the Backup & Share Plan, which costs $13.99/month and offers unlimited online file storage for 5 devices and can be shared by multiple accounts.

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     GotBackup versus Amazon Cloud Drive: The Best Features

    With the $4.99/month plan of Amazon Cloud Drive, you get unlimited storage – you can store as many documents, photos, music, videos etc. as you like. Amazon Cloud Drive is a very simple service and does not have as many features as, say, Dropbox or Google Drive.

    GotBackup is a Dropbox clone. It offers all the features that Dropbox gives you, such as unlimited online backup – which it sells for a very affordable price. With GotBackup, you can back up the data not just on the PC and on Android OS, but also on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. GotBackup works just as well on Apple’s products as it does on Windows and Android.

    We also liked the excellent security offered by GotBackup, such as a powerful 256 bit AES encryption, which is something the biggest banks across the world provide for their internet banking services. The best part is, nobody has the permission to view your data on GotBackup, not even the top management at the company. Your data is safe and protected and you are the only person in the whole world who is allowed to see it or access it. Not all online file storage services offer this level of privacy.

    GotBackup versus Amazon Cloud Drive: Affiliate Program

    Amazon does not offer an affiliate program for Amazon Cloud Drive, so you can’t make any money with it. But you can make money with GotBackup as GVO Inc, the company behind it, offers a lucrative affiliate program to go with the product. GVO offers a 100 % commission on each referral for the first month and 50% from the second month till as long as you use the program.

    Which is the Best Online Cloud Storage 2016?

    Both Amazon Cloud Drive and GotBackup are affordable cloud storage services. The difference is that Amazon offers very basic file storage with Cloud Drive while GotBackup offers more options such as access on multiple devices and multiple accounts. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
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