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    Check Out These Best Motorola Phones in 2020

    Motorola phones
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    A lot of people got hooked with smartphones in recent years.

    Smartphones are convenient, and you can do almost everything with them such as texting, taking photos and videos, sending emails, and checking all your social media accounts in one sitting. However, getting the best smartphone can cost you thousands of dollars, and it would tear your pockets out. 

    When it comes to Android phones, people will most likely go for Samsung, Google, or even Huawei phone models. However, not all of their phones are worthy of their price and popularity. Other smartphones have cooler features and specs, such as Motorola phones. 

    Why Choose Motorola?

    Motorola has been one of the oldest phone brands in the market, but their reputation is still on the roof. If you are on a tight budget, getting the best Motorola phone won’t break your bank. And the features of their newest releases are upgraded to keep up with life’s daily demands. You’ll be sure to find a Motorola phone that’s best-suited for your needs. Here are some of the best Motorola smartphones that you can look into in 2020.

    Moto E6 Plus

    This Motorola smartphone may look basic, but it is one of the best Motorola phones you can get in 2020. The Moto E6 Plus is not far from other Motorola phones when it comes to specs and features, but the price might make it look cheap. But the truth is, this phone is worth its essential functions. 

    The phone has a screen that measures at 6.1 inches. It has a removable 3000 mAh battery, and it is perfect for regular use. There are two models to choose from for this smartphone, the 32 GB model and the 64 GB model. The 32 GB has 2 GB of RAM, while the 64 GB model has 4 GB RAM. The camera is also sufficient, with 13 MP+ 2 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. 

    Moto G7 Play

    This smartphone is part of Motorola’s G-series and it is undoubtedly to be called as the best Motorola phone to get. It comes in high value, and it is reliable and capable of its price. The phone has a screen that measures 5.7 inches, and it has an HD display. 

    The phone will not disappoint an average phone user because this phone also comes of great value. Moto G7 Play has a 3000 mAh battery, and the box comes with a USB-C, 10W rapid charger. 

    The smartphone’s processor features a Snapdragon 632. The Moto G7 Play has only one model which comes with a 32 GB storage and 2 GB of RAM. You can extend the memory because it can support up to 512 GB of memory via MicroSD. It is also easy to unlock via a fingerprint scanner. 

    Moto G7 Power 

    If you are more concerned about a phone’s battery life because you constantly use your phone throughout the day, then you should go for Moto G7 Power. This is the best Motorola phone to get when it comes to battery efficiency.

    The phone has a screen that measures 6.2 inches, and it comes in HD display. Since it has an HD display, you might think that it will affect the battery, but it won’t. This smartphone works on Snapdragon 632, and it has a good-performing 5000 mAH battery. You can use the phone for up to three days when it is fully charged. 

    Aside from the battery, the phone is offered in a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Just like other Motorola phones, the G7 Power’s room can be expanded up to 512 GB via MicroSD. The camera is equipped with a 12 MP rear camera with an 8 MP front camera. You can also unlock and lock this phone with your fingerprint. 

    Moto G8 Power

    If you consider yourself a heavy phone user, then you consider getting the Moto G8 Power. This smartphone from Motorola is the best power phone to get when you are on a tight budget. It’s affordable, but the features and specs are phenomenal. 

    The phone offers a 1080 x 2300 resolution with a PPI density of 399. The phone itself measures 6.4 inches, and the screen to body ratio is about 85%. This is the perfect phone for anyone who wants a large display. It runs on Snapdragon 665 and comes in 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM. As for the camera, it offers 16 MP full rear and an 8 MP telephoto and 8 MP ultrawide with 2 MP macro. 

    When it comes to battery, the Moto G8 Power has a 5000 mAh battery, so you don’t have to worry about charging it mid-day. It is perfect for heavy phone users. The package also comes with a fast-charging USB-C charger that runs on 15W. 

    Moto Z4 

    This smartphone from Motorola is one of the best because it is capable of 5G. The screen of this phone measures about 6.4 inches and offers a 1080 x 2340 resolution. When it comes to the processor, this phone runs on Snapdragon 657, and it has 128 GB of storage with 4 GB of RAM. The battery is 3000 mAh and has a 48 MP rear camera and 25 MP for the front camera.


    While many people underestimate other Android phones such as Motorola, the phones that were featured in this article proves that they can be worthy of your money. Whether you have a tight budget or not, Motorola phones are durable and sturdy compared to other ones in the market, so make sure not to miss out on their phone models. 

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