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    5 Best Media Player For Windows 8

    Now a days windows 8 is becoming very popular. It is the new version of windows which have many capabilities and many advanced applications. It has both music and video files integrated. The developers have ensured to give the maximum entertainment to the users through the media player for windows 8. In starting there were few applications included in windows 8. But now a days there are many apps which are equipped with it.

    Features of Windows 8 :

    · Customer preview version of it has been released.

    · It has fast user interface.

    · It also supports ARM Processor Architecture.

    · It has metro style interface to support touchscreen.

    · It does not support videos with subtitles.

    · It supports various media formats.

    media player for windows 8

    In windows 8, Microsoft has removed the feature to play DVDs. So we have to use a money pack for that. Therefore is a need for the most powerful media player for windows 8. There are many powerful media players have been developed to cope up with windows 8 and enhance its functionality.

    The 5 Best Media Player For Windows 8 are:

    · Multimedia 8

    · VLC Media Player

    · Total Media Theatre 5

    · Cyber Link Power DVD

    · Metro Media Player

    1) Multi Media 8

    media player for windows 8

    It is the best media player known up to now. It is a good app for windows 8. It is available for free. It has various advanced features of both videos and music. It supports all the features to be the best one for windows 8. We can open media from URL using it. We can access network media and media from external devices.

    Features :

    · It also supports SRT and WebVTT sub titles.

    · We can create playlists as well.

    · We can play files from media servers also.

    · With the help of it, we can convert media files to MP4.

    · X86, x64 and ARM Processors are supported.

    · We can also record videos using webcam.

    · It can play 3D video.

    · It can play media of different languages.

    · It has the feature to stabilize videos

    2) VLC Media Player

    media player for windows 8

    It is the best media player for windows 8 including all other versions. It is a multimedia player which supports all media like DVD, VCD and audio CD as well. It is also free. It supports all formats of media. It is one of the best player for windows 8. With VLC media player, you don’t have to spend money for pack to play DVDs.


    · It is the cross-platform media player.

    · It is simple and fast media player.

    · It also supports stream protocols.

    · It can play files from any device and also play discs.

    · It also supports videos from webcam.

    · It can run on all windows versions.

    · It has no user tracking

    · It is totally free.

    · It has no spyware or virus and no ads.

    · It has the feature to convert media as well.

    · It supports dozens of formats of media.

    · There is no need for CODEC packs to play codec.

    3) TotalMedia Theatre 6

    media player for windows 8

    It is a good media player for windows 8 but it is paid. It can also play Blu Ray DVD’s. it is all in one package of media player for windows 8. You can also play 3D videos. It can also show low resolution videos with a high quality and can also play local files as well as from remote server.

    Features :

    · It also supports FLAC Format and possess excellent UI

    · It show high resolution videos and supports 3D

    · It has high quality display lighting and a smart menu

    · It can also play Blu Ray DVDs

    4) Cyberlink Power DVD

    media player for windows 8

    It is the best media player for touch screen devices. It has a POWER DVD version which is used on tablets. It is one of the best media players for windows 8. When you are running windows 8 on your mobile then it is the best option to be used.


    · It also supports MPEG-2 and Blu Ray disc.

    · It is best for touch enabled devices.

    · It is mainly used in tablets.

    · It is also paid and easily available.

    5) Metro Media Player

    media player for windows 8

    It is a free available media player. It has in-play options also. It has a neat interface which is good feature of it. We can Zoom in and zoom out our videos. We can also play videos from remote server also.

    Features :

    · It has a sweep gesture to control playback rate.

    · It has zoom in zoom out feature.

    · Also work on touch enabled devices.

    · It has a neat interface.

    · We can also play files from URL.


    We concluded that the MULTIMEDIA 8 is the best option to consider first for windows 8. VLC media player is also best player. If you want a paid option then go for Cyber Link Power DVD.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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