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    10 Best IOS Applications that Every Geek Loves  

    Smartphone apps are created to make life easier and solve solutions that would otherwise require a lot of time, technology, effort, and skill to work them out.

    When you are a geek, it means you are passionate about what you do. One common thing about geeks is that they embrace technology and particularly iOS applications.

    When you are concerned about a particular subject or activity, apps may help you attain development in those areas.

    After android, the most popular platform for mobile users is IOS. You can find a huge number of applications for Apple devices that are very productive. But searching them is very difficult, so this article is here to help you.

    One can download free or premium applications for various purposes such as entertainment, information, navigation or anything else. Go through the below article and explore what IOS applications can do for you.

    IOS Application

    Here is a list of 10 Best IOS Applications that Every Geek Loves

    TED Talks app

    IOS Application
    In case you are that person who loves to learn new things, TED is a fantastic app. TED Talks allows you to learn while on the go. It brings interesting people talking about fascinating topics touching on areas of technology, science, space, or artificial intelligence. When you have no time to watch a particular topic, you can bookmark it and watch later.


    IOS Application
    Every business person wants to be organized. They want to accomplish tasks in time. EpicWin is an app, which can make life easier for the busy business owners. It helps in daily tasks where there is ton of stuff that needs to be done. The app can level up the character of a business person and increase their organizational skill. You can save the completed work in the history log so you know what you have done and what needs to be finished.  This app will turn your to-do-list into a playing game.

    Good Reads

    IOS Application
    If you are the kind of person who likes written words, Good Reads is the app to go for. It is irresistible in the world of literature. It will make browsing literature easy for people who love reading. You can use it to add books to shelves and update status about the current page number on a particular book.


    IOS Application
    There are people who love to speak various languages. Duolingo is an app that puts the interest of language geeks a notch high. It allows the users to learn languages such as Spanish, French, Irish, Swedish, Danish, English, Dutch, and German. This app uses gamification as a way of helping learners to understand the language quickly. It is intuitive when compared to the traditional studying of a language.


    IOS Application
    For fitness enthusiasts, this is an incredible app which they should not want to miss out. MyPlate is a calorie tracker app for fitness geeks. You know that working out alone may not help you accomplish your fitness goals. You want to watch out on what you eat and that’s where MyPlate comes in handy. It has a feature that includes details of nutrition about food. You can track the calories you are taking daily.


    IOS Application
    Not everyone is able to organize their closet. Fashion lovers have an app they can count on. Poshmark can help you buy the latest brand for your grand wedding occasion or do away with the old clothes you no longer need. Your wardrobe will be organized and pepped up.


    IOS Application
    In case you like reading content online, Feedly is your companion app. It will organize the way you access news sites, blogs, YouTube videos, social media, and other content. You are updated of the content you want online.


    IOS Application
    Now that you travel often, you know how difficult it is to organize a complex trip. You can make the planning of the trip an easy one by using Kayak. It is a top-rated app for travel booking with options to pre-pay for things like hotel, flight, and car booking. You can get the finest hotel deals, flight deals, and car hire.


    IOS Application
    This is for people who like things about electronics and electricity. Whether you are an electrician, do-it-yourself person, Ampere provides you with recharge and discharge rates. You can use it to find out if a Turbo Charger delivers the correct voltage or not.


    IOS Application
    It is an app, which sets standards for photographers. It brings image stabilization, exposure control, and fast editing. You have control over your camera.


    Whether you are a photographer, an accountant, a film producer, a musician, or fitness enthusiastic, these apps can make life easier. There are apps for virtually any activity you do.

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