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    Best Instagram Wall Tool for Events

    Instagram Wall on Event
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    The Instagram platform is not only limited to attractive and compelling images but also has a huge room for user-generated content.

    This is the reason why Instagram is becoming the most favorable choice for all marketers. They have started leveraging this platform to promote their brands, products, events, etc.

    One of the best ways to use this platform is to create an Instagram Wall for Events. Be it displaying it on digital screens at live events or integrating it with the live streaming of virtual events, Instagram walls can help you take your events to the next level. 

    To help you with the best Instagram wall tools for events, we have drafted this blog. But, before advancing, let us first understand what are the uses of the Instagram wall for events. 

    Instagram Wall – The Wall Of Engagement

    A well-curated feed that is created by aggregating the content from Instagram is known as Instagram Wall.

    It displays Instagram’s social content as well as user-generated content and can either be embedded on a website or displayed at events or signages. 

    Marketers use this Instagram wall to boost audience engagement both at physical and virtual events. 

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events

    1. Make the engaging content accessible to everyone

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

    Instagram is known for engaging content that it displays. The creative, and interactive user-generated content on Instagram is the key driver towards audience engagement at or during events.

    By displaying this Instagram wall at events, brands can expand the reach of this engaging content and can display fresh and diverse content to a large audience. 

    2. Display social proof with UGC

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash

    Instagram is the pool of User-Generated Content which is the most reliable and authentic content online. This content plays an important role in capturing the attention of the audiences for a longer time. 

    By displaying this content to the audience at events, organizers can display the proof of their social media presence that will help in building trust and will therefore boost real-time interactions. 

    3. Connect Digital Media with your Offline presence

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

    Talking especially about the physical events, the Instagram walls are one of the best ways to connect your offline audience with digital media. 

    It can be done by displaying Instagram walls at events and asking the audience to interact with the brand on social media using the branded hashtags. 

    4. Drive more entertainment for events

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

    By displaying live experiences of the users at the event, their interaction with the other attendees and the brand, their fun moments during the event, and much more, event organizers can boost event engagement and can drive more entertainment for the events.

    Use Cases Of Instagram Wall In Events

    1. Make Weddings More Memorable With Instagram Walls

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by Kendra Allen on Unsplash

    One of the most interesting ways of using Instagram Walls is to display them at weddings. Organizers can display the screen at the entry of the venue or in the banquet hall to showcase the fun that family members had during the preparation of the wedding, images of bride and groom, and much more. 

    2. Boost Enthusiasm With Instagram Walls At Parties

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

    Parties mean teenagers and teenagers mean Instagram stories. Yes, you read it right. In fact, you might have seen them posting the pictures of the party as a post or story on Instagram. 

    Party organizers can display this real-time Instagram wall at the party to display the entertainment and fun everyone is having during the party and their experience with their friends during the party. 

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    3. Display Live Experiences On Instagram Walls At Concerts

    Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events
    Source:Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

    There is no event such as concerts that can hold the audience till the end of the event. So why not give them the best ever experience during the concert.

    One such way is to display the live Instagram Wall at the event which can display the audience’s experience at the concert and their views for the artist.

    4. Instagram Walls To Enhance Engagement In Live Streaming Of Events

    Physical events give you the option to hold the audience but when it comes to virtual events, you just cannot hold them physically to attend the event. The only way to do this is to display the engaging content that can magnetize them towards the event. It can be done by displaying an Instagram wall along with the live streaming of the virtual event. This Instagram wall connects the audience with the social environment and gives them a reason to engage with the event. 

    Best Instagram Wall Tools For Events

    1. Taggbox

    Taggbox is an amazing tool to create Instagram Wall and display it on digital screens at event venues or integrate it with live streaming of the virtual event.

    With Taggbox, you can collect and curate Instagram content using hashtags, handles, mentions, etc. into one unified feed known as the Instagram wall.

    It allows you to create a well-customized and perfectly moderated feed to display the premium quality of content to the audiences and engage them to a great extent.

    Moreover, the auto-update feature allows you to display the live Instagram wall to the audiences. Also, the user-friendly interface and the smooth integrating options make it the perfect choice for all the event marketers.

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    2. Hashslider

    Hashslider is one of the best tools to display a live Instagram slideshow at your event. With this, you can generate a real-time slideshow using the pictures and videos of the event. 

    The customization features make the feed look even more interactive that could be displayed at any event like concerts, weddings, etc., and with any screen resolution. 

    3. Dialogfeed

    Engage your audience anywhere and display brand and User-generated content on any screen with the smart social wall solution provided by Taggbox.

    Using this tool, you can have full control over the content that you want to display on your Instagram wall. You can even add, edit, or import posts manually with Dialogfeed. Also, it helps you design your curated feed and get useful insights & analytics.

    4. Slidesome 

    Slidesome, the amazing tool to create real-time Instagram slideshows for multiple events and occasions. You can either collect and curate the feed or can create your own custom feed to display. 

    The aggregated feed from social media as well as the cloud storage can be displayed on the screen. The multiple theme designs, backgrounds, colors, etc offered by the tool, helps you to design your Instagram wall in an exquisite way.  

    Final Words

    Instagram is one of the most engaging tools a marketer can rely on. To make the events (both physical and virtual) even more interesting and engaging, event marketers should use Instagram walls. 

    With this, they can boost the enthusiasm of the events along with the engagement rate. It even adds a fun element to the event making it more exciting and entertaining.

    So, choose the best Instagram wall tool from the tools mentioned above and boost your event like never before. 

    Reina Jones
    Reina Jones
    I’m Reina Jones, and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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