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    10 Best Freelancing Tools and Apps to Manage your Work

    Managing the projects as a freelancer is quite a responsible task. This is because as a freelancer you are your own boss who is working for yourself and you need to keep a record of all the activities that you do from home. Freelancing business has now become a craze among those who are unemployed or even who want to work from home which in turn can change your life drastically for sure.  It is also said that best freelancing tools business will make more than half of the unemployed workforce employed by the year 2020. You enjoy a lot of freedom as a freelancer but along with the freedom come a sense of responsibility as well as you need to submit your assignments on time and keep proper records as well.

    best freelancing tools

    For this you need some tools or apps which will assist you maintain proper day to day records in the form of e-worksheets. As a freelancer you should always keep your work well organized whether you are working alone or in a group of people. Freelancing is so easy that sometimes we forget that we need to use the right tools and apps in order to grow our business. With the help of these tools, your work is properly managed as these tools provide you all kind of assistance you need as a freelancer. These tools are compatible with all kinds of freelancing business and help you to achieve success in your business. So, here we are providing you a list of top 10 best freelancing tools and apps available that will help to manage your work. Do check them out.

    10 Best Freelancing Tools and Apps to Manage your work:-

    1. Teux Deux

    Teux Deux is basically an application available on the AppStore and the main function of the app is to make a “to-do” list. This is best freelancing tools mainly helpful when as a freelancer you need to maintain your daily work to do list. It is quite user friendly in nature and is suitable for those whose main work is to make and maintain a record or lists. It is one of the best apps to manage your work.

    1. Rescue Time

    Rescue Time is a best freelancing tools and really useful application for freelancing business. This application actually tracks your speed and time you spend on the internet while working which helps you to analyzing and improve your speed and time in future. In other words, it is basically a time management app which is quite user friendly as well.

    1. Focus Booster

    The main objective of a freelancer is to complete and submit the given work on or before the deadline date. So, for this time management forms a very important part of your freelancing business and Focus Booster app lets you manage your time efficiently and effectively. This app provides you an online timer and by using the Pomodoro Technique you can manage your work according to the time.

    1. Toggl

    Toggl is also a very useful and best freelancing tools to manage your work time as a freelancer. This app is also available for Chrome. So, with a single click you can track your time and make your reports for self assessment. This app helps you to make your precious time into a productive one. It is very easy to install and even easy to use.

    1. TextExpander

    When you are into freelancing then sending and receiving mails is kind of a daily task for you. When you send emails to your employer, most of the data is duplicate in nature. So, instead of typing the whole content again in every email you send, this tool helps you to save your precious time by adding abbreviations that are inserted automatically whenever you enter the text. It provides you easy keynotes for your text and other pre-programs as well.

    1. OpenOffice

    This application is just like Microsoft Office where you can get access with all kinds of best freelancing tools that are required in writing content for freelancing. This is best freelancing tools helps in storing your written data in hard drive or some other memory device. This app is less expensive than Microsoft Office and as a freelancer you can easily convert your files in PDF form quite easily. It has almost all the features of Microsoft Office.

    1. WriteRoom

    This application or tool is for the MAC users who are into heavy weighted freelancing business which means where they need to write big projects. For big projects, you need a big and full screen which lets you focus on your work effectively. Write Room tool provides you with the full screen feature with black background which does not have nay kind of button or tool bar which in turn helps you to focus on your work.

    1. DarkRoom

    This is best freelancing tools that is the perfect replica of the Write Room which is exclusively designed for Windows. The main attraction is that it contains all the features of Write Room and is totally free of cost. You can use this app even while your internet connection is disabled to avoid any kind of disturbance.

    1. Zen Writer

    Those who find the DarkRoom app not so useful due to its dark background and no tool bar can download another tool called Zen Writer which is kind of an improvised version of the DarkRoom tool. It is best freelancing tools provides you with various kinds of fonts and you can adjust the screen light accordingly.

    1. Logline App

    This is one of  best freelancing tools is quite in demand and is helpful in writing an ideal screenplay. As a freelancer, when you have to write long and lengthy content for marketing purpose. With this app you can manage and divide your content into different sections easily without converting them into PDF form. This tool is simple and easy to use.

    So, these are one of the best freelancing tools and apps with which you can manage your work and enjoy the freedom of a freelancer.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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