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    Best Emojis to Use This Summer

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    Summer is right around the corner.

    Beaches and parks are the best places to go to relax your mind and body. And don’t forget about wearing your best beach outfits before you take your photos!

    Aside from the “OOTD” that we usually post, emojis can also be used to tell the season. Summer icons, like the wave emoji, are the most used in social media. Although, there are a lot more when you search deeper.

    What are these emojis? Let’s find out.

    1. The Sun Emoji

    This emoji is one of the classics. Even if you’re not on the beach, the sun emoji tells something hot and positive. It usually tells that you wish someone’s day would be great, or when you wish the recipient of the message good luck.

    This is paired with umbrella and seashell emojis. So when you’re out in the sun, be sure to include this in your photo captions. Not only it brightens your day, but it also lets people think that they should go out and enjoy themselves.

    2. The Wave Emoji

    The wave emoji was inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai. His work entitled “The Great Wave” was used to become the image of the emoji. This symbolizes a structure in the art industry. But now, it is known to be an image of beach outings or surfing activities.

    3. The Palm Tree Emoji

    Palm trees are known for their cool presence when it comes to tourist attractions. Beaches and even cities have these planted along their vicinities. Nowadays, this emoji had been used a lot of times to show the tropical vibe of a place.

    Although this is much like coconut trees, palm tree emojis have become more iconic. And when people post about summer getaways, the first thing that they think of is palm trees. Match this emoji with some of the mentioned earlier and you’ll feel the summer heat!

    4. The Person Surfing Emoji

    Surfing is not just a sport, it has become a culture of its own. When people go to exotic beaches, they tend to look for a surfing spot. Rather than a place to sleep in and enjoy the breeze at the shore, they prefer surfing as a unique activity.

    For social media postings, the emoji of a person surfing is quite ideal. It means to say that you are a person of action. Ditch the whole array of beach emojis with this one, because your friends you’ll know that you’re having a good time.

    5. The Person Swimming Emoji

    Like surfing, swimming is an activity of leisure. It requires tremendous agility. And if you’re a surfer, you don’t just surf – you swim and chase the current. But don’t worry, not all swimming activities need to be rigorous. Some prefer to use this as a sign of fun, especially on a sunny day.

    The emoji of a swimming person is much-needed, especially when you’re a beach person. This emoji never goes out of trend. And like the surfing person emoji, it can stand on its own. Drop your photo wearing your best swimming gear and you’ll find it easy to caption using this emoji.

    6. The Bikini Emoji

    Ladies, who can never forget these essentials on the beach? Bikinis are always partnered with the beach or swimming pool. Well, even if you go out on the road with scorching heat, no one would mind you wearing a pair. As much as these symbolize summer, it also goes to show that comfort is always a priority.

    The good part is, it looks exclusive and less generic. When people see you using this emoji, it directly means that you’re in the water having fun. Drop those tequila emojis and your friends will get jealous!

    7. The Sunglasses Emoji

    Sunglasses can be worn on any occasion. You can wear them on the beach, or  when you are strolling around the park. You can even wear these when you’re riding a motorcycle or you’re at your backyard. This is a statement of an all-around activity.

    The sunglasses emoji, but, represents more of a hot day. As a term on its own, you wear it because of the hot summer sun. By this, you can already tell your friends online that you’re having a good time. Not only on the beach but anywhere and anytime that you wish to go. Pair this sunglasses emoji with a wave emoji and you’re ready to post beach shots.

    8. The Coconut Emoji

    Who would not remember using this emoji? The coconut emoji is one of the best emojis that you can relate to summer. Because coconuts are grown tropically, it is already a part of the beach ambiance. Plus, who doesn’t like coconut-infused drinks at night?

    Use emojis to make your captions more fun!

    Summer is a time when everyone wants to get out and have fun. May it be in the waters, or just around the city, we’ll always find time under the sun. This is where emojis can be useful – not only it amplifies your photos, but they can also speak on their own.

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