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    22 Best Data Visualization Tools

    Data visualization is presentation of data in a format so that many people are attracted to the content and remain engaged till end of the discussion. If we go on a regular and boring web page, we don’t even read the whole information rather we just swap the page and search for something else no matter that content was useful. So data visualization tools help a person to deliver the content in a way it looks interesting or in other words, enhancing the presentation of content. Pie charts, bar graphs , templates and a lot more strategies are used to deliver the content in a new format. Discussed below are 22 Best Data Visualization Tools you can refer to while selecting one tool for your content.

    Best Data Visualization Tools

    22 Best Data Visualization Tools:

    1. DATA DRIVEN DOCUMENTS – it is a library of JavaScript, cascading style sheets and hyper text mark up language. By collaboration of these three languages, extraordinary view can be can remove unwanted incoming nodes from your website. You can set styles, attributes and other functions which are concerned with the appearance of web page or some other content.
    2. FUSION CHARTS – people find it boring to read the numerical stats in the form of long paragraphs. To disperse the stats of some asset in an interesting way, fusion chart has been created. It is a JavaScript chart builder for personal computers and mobile phones. You can select over 90+ charts and 1000+ maps. To evaluate its performance, you can have a free trial and create one pictorial representation.
    3. CHARTS.JS – if your information is quite large and complex, then you can trust charts.js because it has many designs of charts which are helpful in providing the complex information on an easy way. You can even select the animation you would like to provide to your chart. By taking help of HTML5 and JavaScript, you may come across some of the best chart designs.
    4. GOOGLE CHARTS – it promises you the free usage and three year compatibility. You can choose one chart from this large gallery powered by Google. You can control the chart from dashboard. It has a new platform which connects with IOS and new android devices. You can configure the picture anytime you wish to.
    5. HIGH CHART – it is a chart library which is purely implemented with the help of JavaScript. It supports pie, column, area spline, area, line etc. You can pick up maps which are easy to understand and compatible with your mobile phones. Even if you are dealing in stocks, it represents the stock value in a very easy way so that it is accepted by many people.
    6. LEAFLET – it is a library which is open and has support of JavaScript. If you are in search for an application which maps your web, you have selected the correct station. It is compatible with personal computers and mobile phones by taking help of CSS3 and HTML5. you can develop titled overlays also .
    7. DYG GRAPHS – it supervises the huge data sets and has a strong back of technicians who are ready to oversee the error bars. It can work on any device and all the devices are completely supporting the DYG graphs. You can have a look on the tutorial of DYG graphs and you ll learn playing with these graphs.
    8. DATAWRAPPER – data wrapper is nothing but an online visualization tools which is used to create graphs, bar graphs or any other pictorial representation with an ease and in minimal amount of time. Non coders have rated it high because of its smooth features which lets the development occur in a simple manner.
    9. TABLEAU – it is a software company headquartered in United States. It disperses interactive visualization products. There are many software for different requirements. Their motto is to make people understand the data. You will discover many tips and tricks to develop the information in a format which will indulge the people till the end.
    10. RAW – this tool is dedicated to the designers who can go through conventional and non conventional layouts of graphs and other pictorial representations. This firm emphasizes on the charts which are difficult to produce. Be it a bar, chart or pie you can find many designs which will astonish you. You can also export vector images to your web page. Some semi finished graphs can be viewed which look simply amazing.
    11. TIMELINE JS – it has shared many tips and tricks which are useful for you to create an enchanting look. It is basically an open source tool which helps to build a website rich of attractive and interactive time line. Follow some easy steps and an attractive web page is all yours. Experts can add some features which time line JS lets in.
    12. INFOGRAM – it is a company of data visualization which lets everybody in to create a content with the use of info graphics, charts, maps and reports. They have set an example in front of people to create a content in an interactive way. They have developed more than 4.8 million info graphics and charts which are seen by more than 50 million people each month.
    13. PLOTLY – plotly is a platform which lets you create charts from simple to complex level. If you want to evaluate the performance of Plotly, then you can take up free trial and develop one design. After the trial, you can purchase the services starting from $33/ month. You can also view the clients response on the website of Plotly.
    14. CHART BLOCKS – no use of technical language is required in building up charts. You can navigate over thousands of charts and create one from multiple resources. You can share the developed charts from social media sharing tools and directly upload on Facebook and Twitter. Just follow the procedure step by step to enjoy the benefits of free and interactive charts.
    15. DATA WRANGLER – it has been observed that too much time is consumed while manipulating and modifying the data. It lets you spend less time on managing the data and more time on calculating the analysis. You can clean, modify and transform your data in an interactive format to engage the people. You can have a free trial with just one click.
    16. GOOGLE FUSION TABLES – you have an option of uploading the file in the format you want and modify it to display it many ways such as tables, map, bar graph, pie chart etc. You can enjoy the functions to edit the data such as – combining the data, deleting the columns, filtering and sorting. If you re in search of quick sorting and mapping and automated Geo code addresses then Google fusion tables are useful for you.
    17. VIDI – visualization interface and design is used to develop a design which leaves behind the normal and repetitive designs. Taking help of technology, VIDI has created a service of dreams. From data abstraction to content management, VIDI does it all. Adding animations is done easily by the intelligent systems of VIDI. File size can be uploaded up to 30 MB which five times than any other service provider.
    18. ZOHO REPORTS – it extracts the information from various files of different formats and converts the information into charts, graphs and other pictorial representation. You can also arrange a schedule to import the information from MY SQL an convert into visualization. Zoho runs on any web browser. After having more than one account you will receive paid services on Zoho.
    19. EXHIBIT – diving in the depth of advanced features, then choose exhibit. You can design charts, time plots, calenders and much more. If you have hands on coding, you can enjoy number of features. It has advanced text filtering options. This is an expert level platform so people who are familiar with coding will find this platform beneficial.
    20. QUANTUM GIS – it is a software which is used to design some maps which guide even the most complex path easily. You can export the data from my SQL as well. You can also generate HTML image maps. It works on windows, Linux, MAC and Unix operating systems. Any person who wants to learn the development of maps from intermediate to expert level can genuinely trust quantum GIS.
    21. OPEN LAYERS – it is a library of JavaScript which is helpful in providing the information of maps. It is the best platform for experts because the users who like to play with the core of JavaScript can develop some of the best maps. It supports all the web browsers.
    22. OPEN STREET MAP – it is like Wikipedia. You can create a map which is useful to develop a large pictorial representation of path covering huge distances. From beginner to advanced, you can go for any of the levels.

    Discussed above were 22 Best Data Visualization Tools. You can go through this list, evaluate and then select one platform for yourself.

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