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    Best Autoresponder 2016 – GVO Autoresponder Review

    Which is the Best Autoresponder 2016? In this GVO Autoresponder Review, we discuss a product which is one of the best autoresponders in the industry as well as the most affordable one.  GVO is a product that is specifically targeted at internet marketers and has been created by one of the most successful internet marketers of his time, Joel Therien, the founder of the Texas based GVO Inc.

    Let’s discuss what makes the GVO autoresponder so special, and why you should use it for your email marketing.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Email Deliverability

    The most important thing about an autoresponder is its email deliverability, which represents the likelihood that the emails sent by you are actually read by your subscribers and don’t end up directly into the spam folder. GVO offers an amazing email deliverability of over 99 percent, which is the best in the business.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Pricing

    You won’t believe just how cheap the GVO autoresponder is – it costs just $10/month to send unlimited emails to 5000 contacts and $15/month to send unlimited emails to 10,000 contacts. This is easily the cheapest autoresponder out there in the market.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Features

    At such low prices, you wouldn’t expect GVO to be as feature-rich as other pricier autoresponders such as AWeber and GetReponse. But actually, GVO comes packed with powerful features, such as classy email templates, excellent analytics and tracking tools and daily activity reports. You can send an unlimited number of emails by GVO using HTML or plain text.

    GVO offers a very useful HTML editor and allows you to personalize your messages using custom fields. It takes very little time to craft an email marketing campaign with GVO. You can time your e-mails, filter your subscriber lists and send them with maximum ease. You get an unsubscribe option as well, which allows you to delete any fake subscribers. GVO’s click tracking and reporting features are quite good.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Ease of Use

    GVO is very user friendly with a minimalist approach to design. I like the GVO interface because of the large fonts, simple drop down menus and convenient tracking tools for data, stats and more. Anyone can get started with GVO- you don’t really need to have any technical knowledge or prior experience with autoresponders at all.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Customer Support

    GVO’s customer support is very good. You won’t need to use it often because of how easy their services are to use, but we found their customer support to be helpful and knowledgeable. They can be contacted by email, phone or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The response time was very good as well.

    GVO Autoresponder Review – Affiliate Program

    One of the top reasons to buy GVO Autoresponders is that you can benefit from GVO’s affiliate program. GVO offers hefty commissions on each sale and a plenty of bonuses as well. You can earn up to 300% in commission on GVO and bonuses of up to $500 each month. Of course, how successful you are depends on your ability to sell the product and recruit more people to join your downline. You get to earn a commission on sales made by your downline as well.

    Is GVO the Best Autoresponder 2016?

    GVO is a very good autoresponder with decent features, high email deliverability and a profitable affiliate program. It is also very cheap with plans starting at $10/month. You will find more information about the GVO autoresponder here. Click here for a comparison of GVO with another popular autoresponder, AWeber on our sister site




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