Best Autoresponder 2016 – AWeber Autoresponder Review


In this AWeber Autoresponder Review, we tell you everything you need to know about AWeber and what makes it the Best Autoresponder 2016.

AWeber is based in Pennsylvania, USA and offers comprehensive email marketing solutions. It’s not the cheapest autoresponder in the market, but is easily one of the best in terms of quality. Before we discuss more about AWeber autoresponder, it’s important to know why we need an autoresponder in the first place.

Well, if you’re an internet marketer or a webmaster with multiple web assets to manage, you will need to create a systematic way to communicate with your readers or leads. Establishing a successful online business requires you to have a two-way interaction with your customers or subscribers to your newsletters – you must respond to their emails or requests for information.

But when you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers to your newsletters or emails, it is very difficult to respond manually to everyone. That would take up a lot of your time, but if you don’t respond with a personalized message, you will lose the subscriber. That’s why autoresponders such as AWeber come in so handy. AWeber allows you to automate the entire sequence of your email correspondence.

Here are some of the features of AWeber Autoresponder….

AWeber Autoresponder Review – Email Deliverability

There is nothing more important to an autoresponder than its email deliverability. Email deliverability is the percentage of emails sent by the autoresponder that are read by the subscriber and do not end up in the spam folder. If he emails go directly into the spam folder, then your autoresponder isn’t of much use to you. AWeber has a very good email deliverability of 99 percent.

AWeber Autoresponder Review – AWeber Features

When you use an autoresponder, you will need the email templates to be very good. You get that with AWeber. AWeber comes with a plenty of tools allow you to build the most effective email campaigns. We also like the analytics and reporting tools on AWeber, which are world class and allow you to track your email marketing campaign very closely.  AWeber has an elegant interface and has a very good design. Indeed, you’ll get every feature that you’d expect an autoresponder to have from AWeber. But if there are any drawbacks, it is that it takes ages to back up your mailing lists on AWeber as you have to do the whole thing manually.

AWeber Autoresponder Review – Ease of Use

AWeber is easy to use, and simple enough to setup on your computer. It does take a little time to familiarize yourself with its features, but once you do, using AWeber is as easy as it gets. It would help a lot if you are familiar with online forms. But you definitely do not need any HTML or programming skills. The video tutorials on its website are self-explanatory and the help section is very good. If you get stuck with something, you can always get in touch with their 24/7 customer support, which is professional, friendly and courteous.

AWeber Autoresponder Review – The Best Part

The best part of using AWeber autoresponder is that you can set up unlimited lists on it at no extra cost. This means you can send as many emails as you like and there are no limits on how many you can deliver, as it is with many other autoresponders out there.

AWeber Autoresponder Review- Pricing

Click here for a comprehensive list of all AWeber plans and their pricing information. The basic plan costs just $19/month, and permits you to send unlimited emails to a maximum of 500 subscribers. AWeber offers a money back guarantee with all plans.

Is AWeber the Best Autoresponder 2016?

Well, AWeber is one of the costliest autoresponders out there, but also one of the best. We like the fact that it is feature-rich, offers high email deliverability, has an excellent reputation in the industry and offers an excellent technology. It is just what a webmaster or an internet marketer needs.

You will find more information about the AWeber autoresponder here. Click here for a comparison of AWeber with another popular autoresponder, GVO on our sister site







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