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    5 Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps for Every Platform

    Note saving apps are just brilliant in every aspect as apart from saving your notes or texts, you can even attach and save images, videos and other forms of multimedia as well. These notepad apps actually make your life simpler and hustle free. You can save as much long text as you can in these apps as arranging a pen or paper every time is quite a difficult task for us.  These Auto-Saving Notepad Apps are quite fast and easy to access as well. Whenever you need to jot down something in a hurry and who do not have a pen or paper at that time, all you need to do is to take out your smartphone and open the notepad app and simply jot down your things to do or anything else in the app.

    These apps have the auto-saving feature which means whatever you write or attach in these apps, it automatically gets saved in the app, so you do not have to worry about losing your important data or text. Basically, a notepad app becomes successful only when it has two main features or characteristics which are, firstly it should have the auto-saving feature and secondly, the app should be fast enough so that whenever you open it, you can immediately start writing without any kind of delay. There are a lot of auto-saving apps available online which are compatible with all platforms. You just have to choose your suitable one. So, here we are providing you a list of the best auto-saving apps which are available on almost every platform. Do check them out.

    5 Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps for Every Platform:-

    1. NOTES

    Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps

    This app is available for almost all types of software or platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux. It is a completely amazing default app which means it is already in build in the devices like Smartphones. It has some really amazing features as well and the best feature of this app is that it is an auto-saving app which means whatever you write or attach in the app gets automatically saved in it, so there is no tension of losing any kind of data or text. You can jot down any kind of text in the app and of any length as well. Apart from that, you can also attach links or other multimedia like the photo, video, and audios in the app. It has two panes, the left one shows your saved text and the right one shows your current text. Auto-Saving Notepad Apps are amazingly fast as well and also has a nifty keyboard shortcut to make your typing faster.

    1. BEAR

    Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps

    These auto-saving notepad apps are exclusively designed for Apple users’ i.e for Mac and iOS devices. The app is developed by Continuum and is used on iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks which means you can sync your text or notes with these devices which in turn makes your access to your text quite easy and handy. The Bear app is also known as the supercharged version of the Notes app which makes it a much higher rated app than the Notes app. It has an extremely amazing tagging feature and also includes Markdown support for writers. In the tagging feature, you just need to create a heading for your notes with a hashtag and you are sorted. This app is quite convenient to use and is amazingly fast as well. It is available for $15 per year which is not at all bad.

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    1. NOTY and JOT

    Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps

    Noty and Jot are two amazing auto-saving notepad apps which are quite similar to each other and are available for all types of platforms. These are apps are so easy and accessible that you need not think of any kind of format while jotting down anything in the app. In other words, your notes do not need any kind of categorization in the app and the full form of JOT is ‘Just Open and Type’ which it actually does. Due to its easy and simple features, you just need to open the app and you will find no tool or button bar but a blank screen and a keyboard to type. The best thing is that it saves everything in a chronological order just like a daily journal in which everything is saved datewise. The NOTY app is available for Android and the JOTY is available for iOS devices.


    Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps

    These are another two quite similar auto-saving notepad apps. The Notable app is available for Android devices and the Quick Notes app is available for iOS devices. These notepad apps are simply a note writing apps with a feature of them showing in the notification news feed which makes it quite accessible for you to simply click on the notification that is appearing in the notification area and open the app to jot down your text. Out of the two, the Notable app for Android is a much older and a more powerful app than the Quick Notes for iOS. It let you create multiple notes at a time and also put reminders on the notes as well. On the other hand, Quick Notes is a much faster app than the Notable app and you can create your backup in your iCloud storage so that you can retrieve your data whenever you like.

    1. PAPIER

    Best Auto-Saving Notepad Apps

    This amazingly unique auto-saving notepad app is exclusively created for Chrome users. It is basically an app used for productive New Tab extension for Chrome in which you can create new tabs for your note writing. It is the latest addition to the world of notepad apps. You just have to create a new tab to jot down your notes; copy paste notes or even attach files to your notes. The text formatting is quite amazing as well and it also has an inbuilt character counter. The app can be used in the offline mode as well and you can even save notes on the offline mode. Apart from that, it works on night mode as well to avoid strain on eyes and you can even print your saved notes through this app.

    So, these are the 5 best auto-saving notepad apps for all platforms.

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