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    10 Best Applications for Every Accountant

    Accounting apps are often used by accountants to help automate and manage business processes such as payroll, purchase orders, accounts receivable and payable, and more. The accounting applications industry is currently a multi-billion dollar industry with numerous competitive solutions available. Here is a highlight of the 10 best applications for every accountant.




    FreshBooks tops the list of the 10 best applications for every accountant because it is highly user-friendly. The application is simple to understand even for those who have never used any accounting application previously. It features a dashboard that is easy to understand and comes with brilliant visualizations that not only make it a delight to use but also rewarding to operate. FreshBooks enables the user to develop professional-looking accounting documents such as invoices, as well as set up credit card payment support and other features like repeat invoicing, one-click snail mail sending and estimation.

    QuickBooks Online

    This accounting app handles accounting, invoicing, and billing, all from one point. It has a colorful, friendly user-interface that hosts a sophisticated set of accounting features such as, invoicing, accounts payable, inventory, sales, tax, time tracking, and accounts payable. The application also has an online banking integration feature that allows the user to link his/her online bank to the application and automatically download the details of all financial transactions.


    Out of the 10 best applications for every accountant, Nutcache is undoubtedly the best application for time management and invoicing. It allows the user to generate any number of invoices, add their company’s logo and send them in bulk to different clients. Additionally, the app includes features for online payment, reporting, and expenses, as well as a multi-lingual interface that allows the user to coordinate and communicate with clients globally.

    Sage One

    This accounting app operates on a curious principle. The software’s primary aim is to automate the dull aspects of most accounting tasks. Sage One is the perfect application for accountants who dread bookkeeping but would still love to stay organized and maintain accurate accounting records.

    FinancialForce Accounting

    FinancialForce Accounting also deserves a spot on the list of 10 best applications for every accountant. Simply put, it is the ideal app for the small business owner who hates bookkeeping especially because it plays so well with customer relationship management software.

    Sellsy Invoicing

    Sellsy Invoicing is one of the most suitable accounting apps for small business needs. It is particularly suitable for small business owners and freelancers, who need to send invoices, occasionally send payment reminders, and take payments. It also comes with estimating features as a part of its user-friendly tool set.

    Zoho Books

    The app is another extremely simple accounting application. The fact that it also integrates with Zoho’s other business applications is significant and it is perhaps the best alternative to other apps for business. Zoho Books, along with other applications in Zoho’s Web app ecosystem can assist users to keep it simple at each stage of the accounting process.


    KashFlow is an extremely sophisticated accounting application that is specifically targeted at small businesses in the UK. The app takes into consideration its customers’ requests and exclusively includes features that are most frequently required. Additionally, the app can easily handle UK taxation and comes with inbuilt VAT reports.


    Xero is a web-based accounting app that is designed to provide a more enjoyable and efficient way to manage a small business’s accounts. The application allows the user to import all financial transactions into a database and link them to corresponding accounting transactions. It also has a slick dashboard that enables the user to get a full, easy-to-view picture of the primary accounts, expense and income reports, pending invoices and upcoming bills.


    FreeAgent greatly simplifies the process of invoicing customers, tracking expenses, synchronizing bank accounts, and chasing payments, all from a single intuitive interface. It also offers excellent on-demand user support, and it backs up the user’s data on a regular basis. Additionally, it has a time tracking feature that records every minute that a user works, which helps to improve accuracy when billing.

    Aman Sareen
    Aman Sareen
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