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    What are the Best Alternatives to Google AdSense in 2016?

    Should you really be looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives in 2016? After all, let’s consider the facts – Google AdSense has been for a while, the best way for bloggers to make money.

    It is easy to use; you don’t have to be concerned about the quality of the ads; and you don’t have to worry about getting paid. AdSense is by far the most reliable ad network out there. But there are a few issues with AdSense that you cannot ignore.

    #1: AdSense has strict guidelines on the content, you can’t just post what you like.

    #2: You will have to work hard on your optimization techniques such as using keywords with a high CPC, if you want to make money with AdSense.

    #3: If most of your traffic is from countries such as India, China and Pakistan, you won’t make much income from AdSense.

    So, a lot of bloggers are looking for alternatives to AdSense. Read on for more on the best alternatives to Google AdSense in 2016.

     Amazon Display Ads

    Amazon advertises Amazon Display Ads as an “AdSense Alternative”. With this ad network, you will get a number of Amazon Native Shopping Ads and CPM based ads on your blog. It is ideally suited for those who have a largely US and EU based traffic. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will appreciate Amazon Display Ads.


    Media.net is a contextual ad network and a top alternative to AdSense and offers high paying ads. Media.net is jointly owned by Yahoo! and Bing. The Ads on Media.net are not too different from AdSense. Getting approved for this network depends on the quality of your ads.


    Infolinks is a very popular in-text link ad network, which has been used by many digital publishers to monetize their websites and blogs for a number of years now. It offers several different types of ads that you can use on your blog such as in-text ads and in-frame ads. But you won’t get any contextual ads as on Google AdSense. Another advantage is that Infolinks has a relatively low minimum payment threshold. Signing up for this ad network is easy too.


    BuySellAds is one of the best AdSense alternatives out there. Once you join this ad network, you will be able to access stats such as PR, Alexa Rank, and so on. The only issue with BuySellAds is that they require your blog to have a high traffic, otherwise an approval would be hard to get. But once you do get approved, you can make a lot of money from BuySellAds.


    Skimlinks is another great AdSense alternative that converts outbound links into affiliate links, which allows you to earn money every time there is a sale. But Skimlinks as you can see, pays you for affiliate sales and not for clicks. This is an important difference with AdSense.


    Chitika is probably the most popular alternative to Google AdSense out there because it is very similar in operation to AdSense. It is essentially a CPC product-oriented program which places the most relevant ads based on your blog’s content. This way you are likely to get more clicks. With Chitika, you can edit the text color, border color and URL color of your ads, so that the ads appear in the same context as your content. Chitika also has a referral program which you can use to earn an extra income.


    Viglink is a perfect AdSense alternative for your blog if it links out to an e-commerce site such as Amazon. With Viglink, you make money from affiliate sales. Viglink is a very SEO-friendly ad network and is incubated by Google.


    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
    I am a freelance ERP consultant based in Bangalore, India, and double up as a freelance writer in my spare time. My specialties include writing on technology, finance and politics. There is nothing I love more than reviewing the hottest tech products, and I hope to share my love of technology with you, the readers of Geekers Magazine, to inform, educate and entertain. I like constructive criticism, so if you guys have any advice or suggestions for me, I really would appreciate that. Ciao! Raghav Hegde, Bangalore

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