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    For the Horror Fan: 5 Horror Movies to Scare Your Pants off This Pandemic

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    The world, as we know it right now, is at a standstill because of the coronavirus wreaking havoc worldwide.

    We are advised to stay indoors and limit our outdoor activities. Although this suggestion is a good and effective way of stopping the spread of disease, it can leave many of us bored.

    However, things aren’t so bad once you get used to spending life indoors. For one, it’s temporary; we all just have to wait until the virus dies out.

    For now, all we have to do is heed the right health protocols, and we’re safe.

    With that said, what do you do when it gets boring indoors? Sure, you can read books, play video games, or even play music, but what if you want to relax and have an adrenaline rush at the same time?

    The answer? Watching horror movies.

    Now hear us out for a bit. With multiple genres out there, why horror? Horror movies, believe it or not, can have a positive effect on our health. And with a lot of good horror movies out there, you won’t have a shortage of all the scares. 

    Finding Your Horror Movies

    As mentioned above, there are lots of horror movies out there. This means that there will be good, bad, and unusual horror movies. Don’t waste your time watching bad horror movies; you’re better off watching a comedy instead. 

    To help you get the most out of your horror movie binge, you can search for the best horror movies IMDb and get a more detailed, spoiler-free review of a horror movie. With IMDb’s help, your hunger for horror goes uninterrupted. With that said, here are some of the best horror movies you can watch during the pandemic:

    The Exorcist (1973)


    Although this movie was released way back in 1973, the original Exorcist is by no means a pushover in scaring people. Way back, special effects were done but had a gruesome effect on-screen. These effects are plentiful in The Exorcist. The film follows a priest, and he’s tasked to perform an exorcism on a girl who’s supposedly possessed by an evil entity.

    The Exorcist is one of the rare horror films to have ever been part of the Oscars. In fact, there have been only six horror films ever nominated for best picture in its entire existence. The Exorcist claims its fame as being one of the six films nominated. The academy has a disdain for the horror genre. With that said, The Exorcist is one horror movie you don’t want to miss. You’ll simply clutch your pillows and blankets when you watch this masterpiece.

    Hereditary (2018)


    In horror, few often have the honor of being called the “creepiest.” Hereditary isn’t the creepiest horror film, but it certainly ranks high in that department. Everything about the film is scary and filled with horrible thoughts that get you thinking. What’s worse, the movie also has a disfigured little girl with weird quirks that add more to the creepiness. 

    Although some may find the film a bit slow, the creepy girl and the story are worth following. Hereditary is one of those movies that forcefully open all your senses to its horror. It’s one of those films you have to stay brave and watch every unbearable physical and mental torture the characters endure. Hereditary is a must-watch if you want to fulfill your hunger for horror.

    A Quiet Place (2018)


    Although the goal of most horror movies is to visually scare off viewers, A Quiet Place places its assault on the senses of viewers through sound. The film lives up to its name as the slightest sound in its depraved, post-apocalyptic world is taboo. The smallest of sounds warrants a quick death in A Quiet Place. The characters barely talk and use sign language to communicate. In fact, only 25 voiced lines are in the script. 

    A Quiet Place is one of the rare movies of 2018 to receive critical acclaim, with no help from big promotions and advertisements. It’s undoubtedly a sleeper film, and because of its success, a sequel is making its way soon.

    Shaun of the Dead (2004)


    So what’s a comedic-zombie flick from the UK doing on this list? Well, before you decide that heads should roll, Shaun of the Dead is, at its most basic, a horror movie. As mentioned above, there will be horror movies that are unique and unusual, often becoming a hit or miss for viewers. With Shaun of the Dead, its unusual story is definitely a hit.

    The zombies in Shaun of the Dead are Romero-types, which means they are slow and often travel in hordes. What makes the Romero-type zombie is their sheer, mindless persistence in munching on human flesh, and this quality shows in Shaun of the Dead. For an unusual take on zombies and the horror genre itself, watch this movie.

    #Saraitda (2020)


    Speaking of zombie films, #Saraitda or #Alive is one of the freshest zombie flicks this year, despite being on limited release.

    South Korea is known for its superb films, and it doesn’t really feature many zombie films. With #Alive, the zombie-fascination is doing well in the country as it’s one of the highest-grossing films in South Korea, even with restrictions going on because of the pandemic.

    Check out this fantastic, fast-paced horror movie if you can.


    Since we’re all bored with staying indoors, why not make the most of it and watch horror movies? The ones mentioned above are must-watch movies that’ll surely hit the spot for all horror genre-loving fans.

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