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    Benefits of Using PDF Software Development Kits on Your Apps

    Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to optimize their apps and make them more user-friendly. One way to do this is using PDF software development kits (SDKs) in your applications). PDF SDKs offer several benefits, including the ability to create, edit, and convert PDFs. Ultimately, this helps your business run more smoothly.

    Here are five benefits of using PDF SDKs on your apps.

    1. Ability to Create PDFs from Scratch

    One of the main benefits of using PDF SDKs is that they allow you to create PDFs from scratch. This means you can take any document or file and turn it into a PDF. This can be useful if you want to send a document to someone, but you’re not sure if they have the correct software to open it. By turning it into a PDF, you can be sure that they’ll be able to open it on their end.

    By combining PDF SDKs with other options like an angular excel viewer, you can enjoy more flexibility with the types of files you can handle and send to others. The more feature-rich the software development kit is, the easier it will be for you to create, organize, and analyze PDFs and other documents on your app.

    2. Edit Existing PDFs

    Another benefit of using PDF SDKs is that they allow you to edit existing PDFs. This can be helpful if you have a document that needs to be updated with new information. You can simply open up the PDF in the software, make your changes, and then save it back as a PDF. PDF editing is one of the most popular features of PDF SDKs since it allows you to make last-minute changes to documents without having to recreate the entire thing from scratch.

    Edits can include:

    • Updating a PDF invoice with the latest information
    • Adding new pages to an existing PDF
    • Changing the order of pages in a PDF
    • Removing pages from a PDF

    3. Convert Files into PDF Format

    In addition to creating and editing PDF files, you can also use PDF SDKs to convert files into PDF format. This can be helpful if you have a file in another format, but you need it to be in PDF format for whatever reason. Simply use the software to convert the file and then save it as a PDF. With such capabilities, you can avoid the hassle and wasted time manually converting files.

    Formats that can be converted into PDF include:

    • Microsoft Word documents
    • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
    • Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.)
    • HTML files
    • Text files

    4. Add Password Protection

    Another great benefit of using PDF SDKs is that they allow you to add password protection to your PDF files. This can be helpful if you’re sending sensitive information via email and want to ensure that only the intended recipient can open and view the file. By adding a password, you can rest assured knowing that your information is safe and secure. 

    In a world where document privacy is more important than ever, PDF SDKs give you an extra layer of protection for your most sensitive files. Some of the PDF files that may need password protection include:

    • Employee contracts
    • Nondisclosure agreements
    • Legal documents
    • Statements

    5. Reduce File Size

    Finally, one last benefit of using PDF SDKs is that they allow you to reduce the file size of your PDF files. This can be helpful if you need to email a large document, but you’re worried about exceeding your attachment limit. Simply use the minimize function in the software to reduce the file size and then send it off without any worries.

    PDF files can be pretty large, so reducing their size can be a lifesaver. It can also help you save PC space since you won’t have to keep as many large PDF files stored on your hard drive.

    Deploy PDF SDKs Across Your Business Apps

    If you’re looking for ways to optimize your business apps and make them more user-friendly, consider implementing this technology. Your users will appreciate the streamlined document handling processes and benefits of using PDF software development kits (SDKs).

    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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