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    Benefits of Scheduling your Tweets

    Scheduling Tweets

    Scheduling tweets might sound like a tough job for you that will just waste your time but do you know what a scheduled tweet is or what it does? First of all, a scheduled tweet is a Twitter status update that has a future publish date. You can set the desired time of the status update and it can be anytime and date in the future.

    You might ask, “What do I get if I decide to schedule tweets?” Well aside from freeing up your limited amount of time each day, it also spaces out your tweets wherein it looks less of a spam. Automatic tweets also keep your account “on” and keep your followers engaged and interested. But these are only the obvious benefits. The less conspicuous pros of social media marketing, auto tweet are as follows:

    • Brand voice. Determining your brand voice takes time. And posting hastily in the last minute just to send something for that day converts your attention away from the essence of the tweet, the content and tone. With your tweets being scheduled, you can set aside a few hours at the beginning of the week and write 10 or more tweets all together. This technique will give you a better understanding of your brand’s voice because you are pouring an effort to look at it thoroughly unlike when you just see one at a time.
    • Creativity. Those who do not use scheduling tend to have some repetitive content. Schedule your tweets and the outcome will be a total opposite. The possibility of repeating several tweets when you are doing the scheduling all at once diminishes since you wrote everything at once making you remember each one of the content you wrote. It also makes your creative flow consistent and enables you to craft a good content.
    • Less stress. Coming up with a smart and insightful tweet every few hours will surely stress you up. This is one of the benefits that marketers tend to realize at the last minute until they get into the rhythm. By scheduling your tweets, you don’t have to go all through the process of frantic researching, graphics search, and worst, writer’s block. All of these are caused by pressure to get out something at the very moment. Scheduling tweets exist to give you a breathing space away from the stress of last minute tweeting.
    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolmhttps://geekersmagazine.com
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