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    Benefits of Android tablet spy and monitoring apps

    According to a research by Pew, 80% of teenagers use a cell phone which is why parents have good reasons for concern as to what their child does when using a phone. A survey conducted by McAfee revealed that 1 out of every 4 kids had been cyberbullied and other surveys suggest that 10-40% of teens have engaged in the sending or receiving of messages which were sexually explicit.

    Do you believe your child is being bullied or is the bully himself? Or are you worried that because of such statistics and due to other terrible things which seem to be happening, your child could be in danger too? If you believe so, then you have a number of options available which can help you know what they are up to when they use their phones and tablets. There are a number of monitoring and android tablet spy apps which allow parents to know what their child is doing on his/her phone and can help them in monitoring their activities to make sure no harm is coming to them.

    How monitoring and android tablet spy apps can have helped, you might ask. The reason these apps are helpful is because of the features which they offer. The best thing about monitoring and android tablet spy apps such as TheOneSpy is that it allows any parent to remotely monitor the activities of their child through the use of an online control panel and the best part is that the child will never know that his parent is monitoring them because the apps work invisibly. While parents wish to keep their children safe, children are unable to understand this and are likely to see monitoring as unfair which could lead them to get angry and perhaps even engage in wrongful acts on purpose. Thus, these apps prevent you from actually having to snoop around and instead allowing the apps to do the work for you while allowing you to maintain your relationship with your child. Not only will your child not know that he is being monitored through the monitoring and android tablet spy apps, but you will be able to do so without him getting suspicious.

    Such apps allow parents to track their child’s movements through GPS Location and tracking and to know their exact location in real time. By monitoring the phone’s movement, you can know where your child is any time of the day. The Android tablet spy app can also help you keep a check on their browser history to know what kind of websites they visit while using their tablets as well as well as monitoring their activity on social media and to know what kinds of conversations they have with their friends or perhaps even other people. The app will also help you keep track of any text messages sent or received and call history to know exactly who your child communicates with and regarding what. Photos and videos which have been taken and recorded, sent and received can also be monitored by these apps with data of everything being sent to the user account which can then be viewed through the online control panel. Thus, by making use of such an app for purpose of monitoring, every parent can know the whereabouts of their child and be aware of what is going on in their lives to know if and when they may need help or may be in danger.

    Thus, while technology has certain drawbacks to it, it has also released such solutions for parents and other concerned individuals to engage in keeping their loved ones safe.

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