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    BBC iPlayer – Catch up your missed Radio & TV Programmes

    BBC iPlayer is a free service that lets you catch up with programmes from the past seven days that you may have missed or want to watch again. There are two ways to use BBC iPlayer, you can play a programme and watch it online with ‘Click to play’ on BBC iPlayer website, or you can download the programme, store it on your computer for up to 30 days and watch it offline.

    Features of BBC iPlayer 3:

    • Live channel hopping – There is now a one-click window between channels, which means that you can essentially channel hop the iPlayer’s live TV content.
    • TV and Radio separate – The BBC has decided to make TV and Radio into separate things so that it is easier to browse through the categories.
    • Twitter and Facebook connectivity – The social web has been integrated into the iPlayer, with partnerships with Twitter and Facebook announced.
    • Series downloading – Instead of just downloading specific episodes, users will now be able to batch record series, meaning that you won’t miss any of your favourite shows again.
    • Friends recommendations – If you fancy taking a look at what your friends have been watching you can now do this through the Friends Recommendations section of iPlayer.

    BBC TV programmes are only available to users in the UK at present, though most radio programmes are available outside the UK as well.  But If you want to use BBC iPlayer from out side the UK then check this:

    Access BBC iPlayer From Outside the UK – How to

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    1. BBC iplayer allows you to watch live TV from the BBC television station in addition to live radio broadcasts from the network. You can even select your “favorite” programs and these episodes will be “ready and waiting for you to watch.”


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