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    How to Automatically Lock Windows 10 Whenever You Leave Your Desk

    For Window 10 users, every computer system needs a complete security when no one is making use of it. As we all know that an unsecured PC is a gateway to your all personal information and important official data. In order to protect that information, windows have offered numerous options how to automatically lock windows 10 when you are not using it and away from its location. Securing the PC means that you are securing its personal information so no one can do misuse of it.

    how to automatically lock windows 10

    Why there is need of locking your personal computers?

    It is very important to know that how to automatically lock windows 10 or your system before leaving it. Let’s take an example of your office where some of the information that not be shared by any individual. To keep information personal, private from the third party, locking your windows is the right one opinion. So make a habit of locking your windows to protect personal information and network from the unauthorized users. some reasons to provide privacy like:

    • Prevent you from the unwanted inconvenience.
    • Helpful in maintaining the confidential communications.
    • No one can make alterations to your personal data.

    Manual Ways how to automatically lock windows 10 before leaving!

    how to automatically lock windows 10

    Windows 10 is the most reliable operating system which is meant for all screens and the option of the lock screen is one the stylish display which is covered with the beautiful backgrounds. how to automatically lock windows 10 manually before leaving the desk, you basically used the option like window key + L to get immediately lock your PC. But in recent times, Microsoft has developed various new options to make the locking stronger. Once your PC get locked, by default it will take you to the unlocked option and after that, you have to enter your account details to access your Pc again.

    • how to automatically lock windows 10 with the help of user icon in Start Menu

    how to automatically lock windows 10

    To get your windows lock, you can follow the option of user icon. You have to simply open the start menu and then click on the user icon and choose the option of lock in the given list.

    • Lock windows Through Ctrl+Alt+Del options

    The easiest way to lock your windows 10 is by pressing the keys Ctrl, Alt and Del at the same time and after that click on the option of lock.

    • Secure the PC through screen saver settings

    how to automatically lock windows 10

    One can also choose the option of screen saver settings to get lock the PC information. Firstly, you have to type “Lock computer “in the search box on the task bar and choose the option “Lock the Computer when I leave it alone for a period of time.” After that, it will display the options of screen saver settings dialog and we have to choose on resume, display logon screen and then simply click on OK button.

    Apart from the manual lock-ups activities, one can achieve the option of automatically locking up the windows 10.  These options are made for those users who sometimes forget to press the windows key options.  So now Microsoft has also built the option of automatically lock-ups for the windows 10 users.

    how to automatically lock windows 10?

    how to automatically lock windows 10

    • On windows 10, you have to click start then type screensaver then hit on entering option and the option of on resume, display logon screen will pop up in front of you. After there is the option to fill the time limit that will be according to your preferences. This option will lock your PC on the time period that you have set before going.
    • Another latest option that has released by the Microsoft that is called Dynamic Lock which automatically locks the PC when you get the step away from your PC. To activate this option, the user has to click on start then on settings and go to accounts and then on sign-in options and finally under the Dynamic Lock, toggle on the option of “Allow windows to detect when you’re away and how to automatically lock windows 10. Moreover, Dynamic Lock also provides the facility to works with any phone that supports the Bluetooth option. You can also connect your mobile phone to windows via Bluetooth as this option is for those computers which do not include the built-in options. By doing this, your PC will get automatically locked in the short period when your paired Bluetooth loses its connection. This option is great for those users who want to lock PC from any location.

    By learning the above great options, one can how to automatically lock windows 10 and can provide full privacy to his important and personal works. As computer security is very important so it’s your duty to make it secure all the time to prevent it from unauthorized access.

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