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    Apple will use it’s own Technology for enhancing Siri’s noise filtering capabilities

    It seems like Apple doesn’t need Audience anymore. Audience is a well known provider of intelligent voice and audio solutions to improve voice quality by eliminating noise in mobile device and it’s  Audience’s earSmart noise suppression technology that is used for Siri on the iPhone 4S . But now,  Audience has announced that Apple will use it’s own technology for iphone 5 and for other next versions. No doubt that Apple’s this decision will affect the Audience’s financial picture.


    According to the Audience announcement- ” Audience now believes that it is unlikely that [Apple] will enable Audience’s processor IP in its next generation mobile phone,” Audience said in a statement. “Audience is not aware of any intended changes by this OEM to its use of Audience’s processors or processor IP in prior generations of the OEM’s mobile phones ”

    It is only the Apple who knows the reason behind their decision of not using Audience’s new IP in the iPhone 5. May be, the company doesn’t want to take advantage of Audience’ technology or may be Siri is ready to exist beta status. Who knows.

    Now, Audience is looking for the other markets like  notebooks, ultrabooks, smart TV  etc. to explore it’s business.Peter Santos, president and chief executive officer,said “We now expect these markets to generate in the range of $15 to $20 million of incremental revenue in 2013, partially offsetting the expected loss of royalty revenue from Apple”

    Well, Apple has not told anything about it’s new technology yet. We will have to wait for knowing it.

    Source: Artstechnica

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    1. Your articles are always interesting but you seriously need someone who can proofread, or at least use English properly. The same errors are throughout all these articles:
      it’s =contraction of ‘it is’
      its = ownership, as in its eyes are bigger than its belly.

      Come on, guys – it’s not hard.


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