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    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    Money is the most important asset in an individual’s life and life is almost impossible without money. But due to inflation and price rise, nowadays very few of us are able to save some money out of our given incomes and long-term savings is actually next to impossible. The research conducted by certain renowned economists says that every individual must save at least 20 percent of his total household income almost every month if he wants his future safe and secure. But we all know that due to inflation and the decreasing value of money day by day, saving is not at all an easy job. On the first of every month, you have a long list of bills lined up in front of you like credit card bill, electricity bill, loan installment, house rent, etc. which eats up your salary and then comes the grocery list which eats up the leftover of your salary as well.

    So, in order to solve this problem faced by most salaried individuals, the IT industry has come up with some really amazing apps which will help you to save money to some extent and you can easily download these apps in your Android Smartphone. These apps will actually cut down your daily expenses and you will be able to save more money than before and no one knows that you may also reach the minimum level of saving i.e 20 percent as well. So, here we are providing you a list of the top Android apps for saving money on everything.

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything:-

    1. Saving Star

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    Saving Star is basically a grocery app which provides you great discount coupons on various items of grocery. All you need to do is to enter the coupon code to get the particular discount and no print is required for that. Large brands like Walmart, Kroger, Safe way are a part of this discount scheme. Download the app from the Google Play Store for free.

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    1. Flipp

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This is another amazing app for your Android device which simply detects your location and provides you various deals in the shopping category. All kinds of advertisement that come on T.V and newspaper are displayed in this app. This app has till now collaborated with almost 800 retailers which include big names like Walmart and much more.

    1. Paribus

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This app works amazingly well. It basically tracks your online purchases and if you buy one item at a particular site and the price of the same item drops on some other site, this app refunds your money keeping some amount of rebate with itself as commission. So, we can say this app actually provides you money back guarantee.

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    1. Good RX

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This app lets you save money on all kinds of medicines and other items required in the pharmacy world. If you buy your medicine through a prescribed prescription on this app then you will get a discount on your purchase which will, in turn, help you to save your income.

    1. Zillow Real Estate

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This is actually a value for money app and provides you the best advice regarding real estate. This app helps you to compare the prices of various properties of similar nature and also let you come in contact with the local realtors and dealers as well.

    1. Dwellr

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    Cost of living is one thing that actually pinches your pocket and this app provides you the best deals regarding cost of living. The expenses incurred on cost of living are far higher than the daily grocery expenses. This app provides you credit points which in turn give you the rebate on the expenses incurred on your cost of living.

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    1. Debt Payoff Planner

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    The main reason why most salaried individuals are unable to save money is the monthly installments of the various debts they have taken. But when the debts are paid off, money automatically starts moving towards the saving mode. So, this app actually gives you advice as to how to pay off your respective debts on time.

    1. Goodbudget

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    Out of all the budget-related apps available online, the Good budget is one of the best budget apps of its time. It basically works on an envelope approach which means it lets to allocate or distribute your given money into different categories.

    1. Rome2Rio

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    If you are a travel buff, then this app is the most useful for you. When you are holidaying at a totally unknown place, then vendors, taxi drivers, and other retailers will surely try to rip your pocket, so instead of getting caught in the trap, you download this Android app which will let you know the best prices in all aspects.

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    1. HERE WeGo

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This amazing app helps in cutting off the roaming costs which actually is the major expense one needs to incur when he/she is on a holiday getaway. This app offers you maps and GPS tracking services and that also in the offline mode.

    1. Gas Buddy

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This app is also quite useful for those who love traveling and that also by road. This app helps you find nearby fuel and gas stations at lowest prices. This app is useful when you are traveling at a totally different location and that also in a hired car.

    1. Best Parking

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    Finding proper parking especially in metro cities is almost next to impossible. So, this app lets you book taxis like Uber at quite cheap rates and you can travel wherever you can without any kind of hindrance.

    1. Campus Special

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This is basically a coupon app which is exclusively designed for students. This app actually helps you to cut down your canteen or food bill which as a student you spend at your college premises. This, in turn, will help you save your pocket money.

    1. NUS Extra

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This app is specially designed for the British students who are the part of the National Union. This app provides discounts to the British students in all sectors which in turn will help them save their money.

    1. Dice

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    This app is designed for the ones who love music. Through this app, one can buy tickets or passes online of your favorite shows or concerts quite easily and the best thing is that there are no booking charges on your transactions.

    1. Out To Eat With Kids

    16 Android Apps for Saving Money on Everything

    If you and your young ones are food buffs, then this app helps you to discover new eating joints in your city and nearby areas quite easily and you can go and satisfy your kid’s taste buds by exploring new varieties of food and that also at extremely cheap rates.

    So, these are the best apps for Android which will actually help you to save money on almost everything.

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