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    Amazing Mac Hacks That Can Make You Super Productive

    Apple Mac hacks
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    If work productivity matters the most for you, Mac is the device choice that you should stick to.

    These systems offer a host of features that can enhance your productivity and performance. However, you may often end up being confused if you set out to discover them as a beginner. Still, it is easy to avail their advantage if you are aware of the best features and are able to use them properly. Here are some amazing Mac hacks that you can try to become super productive and work without any glitches. 

    Use keyboard shortcuts more often

    Macs offer a range of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for speeding up many daily tasks and getting a better user experience with these devices. For example, you can use the Mac shortcut Command + Tab for switching between frequently used applications. Similarly, Command + M shortcut lets you minimize the currently used front application window to the Dock, while Command + Option + M enables the minimization of all windows in use. There are several more that you can discover with regular usage and gradually adapt to speed up tasks on the system.

    Set up a smart folder

    Finding and organizing everything, the files, applications, devices and network connections, can be a challenge that could hamper your work productivity as well. But you can easily handle the stuff by setting up a smart folder. The default file manager, Finder helps you manage everything. It comes with the Smart Folders feature, which sorts your files automatically into folders on the basis of specific characteristics you decide.

    Speed up your Mac with the right measure

    One of the productivity challenges with Macs is when the system runs slowly. The best way to resolve the issue and speed up mac effectively is by freeing up some space. There are several other measures you can implement. Updating the OS is a good idea while you can turn off the visual effects to get the performance on track. If there are too many redundant apps and files on the system, getting rid of them also helps.

    Tackle tasks with iWork

    iWork is Apple’s counterpart for the Microsoft Office programs, which is something you cannot manage without when it comes to working productivity. Essentially, iWork comprises Pages, Numbers, and Keynote which are equivalent to MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While you may have iWork pre-installed in the system, these programs can be downloaded from the Apple Store as well.

    Let Siri help you

    Now that you have access to the smart voice assistant Siri for Mac, being productive gets much easier. It lets you enjoy a hands-free experience as you engage in different activities, from tracking today’s to-do lists to looking for specific files on your system. Unlike Siri for iOS, Siri for Mac cannot be activated by saying “Hey Siri”. Rather, you will have to activate it from the dock or the menu bar.

    Now that you know these Mac productivity hacks well enough, you are all set to get started with a better user experience on these amazing devices. Go ahead and discover all that you can do with your Mac!

    Author Bio: Elicia Turner, the new head of the content team at Outreach Monks, is a consumer consultant and a technical expert. She excels at helping out individuals and businesses get used to the new technologies.

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