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    All about mouse gaming and how to choose the right mouse for you

    Having come to the gaming scene relatively late in life you are stumbling along trying to find the best experience that suits you. Having tried consoles and playing from your keyboard, you know that you are having fun, but there is something missing.

    It’s got to the stage where you are getting blank stares from mates when you occasionally go for a drink, as they think you are becoming obsessed with gaming having even given up going for your weekly game of football after work. However, one soulmate is keeping their own counsel, before taking you to one side and asking if you had tried mouse gaming? You had heard of it, but it wasn’t something you had yet given a go, but you decided that there is no time like the present as you decide to look into it.

    • Mouse gaming, as it suggests is playing games using a mouse as the means of control. But no ordinary computer mouse. They only have 3 buttons whereas a gaming mouse can have up to 11 or 12, which you feel will be ideal for you as a proficient typist on the keyboard.
    • Because a gaming mouse has adjustable sensitivity, which is comparable to the number of dots on the screen per inch (DTI), it means that the more DTI the further the cursor will move on the monitor, only with the same amount of mouse movement. At the same time you might wish to make the most of your PC for gaming.
    • Your gaming mouse can be utilised depending on the type of games you play, with some games requiring additional buttons.
    • The sensor of a gaming mouse is absolutely critical. It is the component that allows it to travel across different surfaces as it functions and allows the movement of the mouse to control the cursor.
    • A gaming mouse can be both wireless or wired. Improved technology now allows a wireless mouse to have a quick a functioning speed as a wired model. A wireless mouse will cost considerably more to purchase. But does have the advantage of having no wires that can break or snag. Perhaps you might spend some of the money you save if you go down the wired route on tickets for a concert.
    • It is important to consider your own style of play. Some gamers prefer a lighter mouse, where others naturally prefer something a bit more cumbersome. It’s simply down to personal choice and what suits each gamer.
    • The grip style should affect your choice of gaming mouse, with most gamers using a fingertip, claw, or palm grip style to play. Whichever grip style preferred it is essential as it will determine the design that offers you the most fun and best experience.
    • Some additional features might add or detract from your mouse gaming experience, so remember to check out everything that comes with your chosen model.

    As ever, if unsure, speak to expert gamers and companies selling components to get the most from your experience.

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