Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    Abc news iPad App with 3d Globe hits the shelf, Available for Download!

    ABC News today has announced the availability of a new iPad app that savors the users with the latest news on their iPads and helps the users to stay connected with the latest happenings all around the globe.

    The app’s interface revolves around a large, 3D globe that fills your iPad’s screen when you launch it. You can enjoy watching all the news images from various news headlines all around the world and the users can easily manipulate the globe with the iPad’s touch screen to watch the story the user want . Users can spin the globe with a swipe of their finger . For reading a particlar news article user have to jst click on that image related to news .

    Users can filter the globe on their iPad by selecting their favorite topic or show and can save the stories to a folder named “My Favorites” for offline viewing, and share those stories through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. You can watch ABC News to see a video of the app in action.

    ABC News App For iPad – Video

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