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    A LEGO Moulding Machine made up of 800 LEGO Parts

    All of us are fond of LEGO, An Lego Moulding Machine Kit is manufactured by LEGO. It is a huge box which has been packed by a very tremendous manner. This Moulding Machine kit contains over than 800 parts including its spare parts which can surprise anyone. These parts have been packaging not in usual packging bag but have been packaging in ziplock packaging bag. If anyone has to had order for its missing parts, must be very familiar to these ziplock bags. As these parts might be packed by the Customer service, they have been sealed in an appropriate manner.

    There are two instructions and a little sticker set. Here instructions are pretty nice, but not the same quality as the mass produced ones – both in paper quality and instructional quality. There was a odd disclaimer proclaiming the instructions were generated through proprietary means – which could mean that the instructions were auto-generated.

    The build is preety quick and have some advanced techniques. Either the rates are some high than other standard LEGO sets. For instance on the larger Moulder Machine – the mould has some nice work – simple cheese wedges – but much better than say simply tiling it.

    It is also impressed at the accuracy of it,  it’s instantly recognizable as the moulding machine – that we had seen just a day before. It’s look like  AFOL set, as it was designed by AFOL LEGO designer. A small documentary is also made on this by National Geographic.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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