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    A Guide to Setting Up a Small Business in the US

    So, you have this brilliant business idea and the more you think about it, the more excited you are; writing a business plan is the next step, if you have crunched the numbers and things look promising. It has never been easier to register a small business here in America; everything can be done online and the US government website offers clear and concise instructions.


    You need to carry out a detailed costing of the start-up and don’t be too optimistic when doing this, some entrepreneurs add as much as 50% to their original estimate, in order to survive the first 6 months. There are numerous ways to secure business start-up capital; you could use the equity in your home, or apply to an online lender that specialises in business start-ups; you could seek a partner and between you, finance the start-up.

    Digital Marketing

    Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, King Kong, was founded by Sabri Suby who drove the business to international acclaim; King Kong have swept across the US, so wherever you are based, they have offices nearby. Every new venture needs digital marketing and the sooner you talk to them, the better. Social media is a very effective way to spread your message and with King Kong in your corner, the future looks rosy!


    Of course, you will have to pay tax; a local accountant can file your tax returns and the US government does offer incentives to new businesses. It is important to keep all receipts and invoices; record every transaction on spreadsheets and let a bookkeeper have access to all your data on a weekly basis.

    Cloud data storage

    The best way to store your business data is to set up a secure cloud network and you can access your data from any location, using any digital device. Contact a local managed IT services provider and they can show you the many benefits of cloud computing.

    Plan for the future

    Success is never a given when you set up a small business and you should have a firm plan for the first 5 years and chart your progress. If you are passionate about what you do, there is every reason to expect success.

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