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    A Crashing App Is Bad for Business

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    You completed your market research, secured funding, hired an app development team, and created your mobile software. But on launch day, disaster strikes. Your mobile phone application crashes regularly, negatively impacting the user experience. 

    People begin uninstalling your app. With millions of apps on the Internet, users nowadays simply don’t tolerate an app that crashes regularly. Following this are bad reviews and poor ratings on multiple platforms, warning others to avoid your app. To make matters worse, transactions also crash, and you lose revenue. 

    Any potential to recoup your investment disappears quickly. Where did you go wrong? 

    The problem may have started with your app developer. Many businesses partner with low-cost app development to create mobile software. Some of these companies cut corners. Rarely, some even secretly inject malware into the code, turning apps into Trojan.

    It’s best practice to partner with a leading app development company that’s experienced, reputable, and passionate about delivering excellent work. A good team of mobile app developers will work with you in partnership at every phase of the creation process. In addition, they will tirelessly test the software in order to minimize bugs that result in crashes. 

    What causes apps to crash? 

    #1 Bad Memory Management 

    Poor memory management is one of the most common reasons for apps to crash. Modern apps consume a significant amount of RAM. When memory consumption is too high for any reason, it can force the operating system to end the app. 

    Mobile devices have less memory than laptops and desktops. Mobile phone operating systems are designed to terminate apps that use excessive memory when it impacts performance. 

    Apps with undesirable cache usage, retention cycles, and sizing configurations can also result in annoying bugs that hurt the user experience. 

    #2 Poor Testing

    Testing is at the heart of a stable app. The point of testing is to recognize, isolate, and remedy bugs before the official launch. 

    Not only must app developers test the app, but they must test it correctly. Ideally, they should test software in environments that vary in terms of resolutions, orientations, networks, software versions, devices, and even platforms. Testing should also take on the backend and user-end, testing the entire app and not just some features. 

    #3 Poor Coding 

    As any computer science professor will tell you, the best code is minimal—the fewer lines of code written to achieve the same goal, the better. Remember, the more lines of code, the greater the chances of errors. 

    #4 Hardware Incompatibility 

    One of the oldest reasons for software to crash is incompatibility with the hardware. In fact, incompatibility is a significant reason why many developers prefer to work with iOS instead of Android. While iOS is tightly controlled by Apple, Android is more open source and can run on all types of configurations.

    Testing software on all types of Android configurations is almost impossible because of different versions of hardware, operating systems, modifications, and other apps. Most developers test for the most common Android configurations and work on bugs on unique configurations after launch. 

    #5 The Internet

    With the rise of high-speed Internet and cloud computing, mobile software is increasingly reliant on the Internet. Unfortunately, network issues can force apps to crash, resulting in user frustration. Many developers optimize apps for stability during networking issues to counter network-related crashes. 

    Most top mobile phone app developers recognize that unstable apps are bad for their client’s business. That’s why they take multiple steps at the development stage to mitigate the risk of crashes.

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