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    9 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

    The digital footprint is becoming the norm.

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    To exist in our modern world, you need to be online. All of your work has to be there, but it needs to be visible and noticed. Easier said than done as millions are competing for the same space as you are. One person can only focus on one WordPress blog at a time, and you have to be certain it’s yours.

    The best content in the world does not matter if it’s on the second search page of Google.

    Even being on the first page is not a guaranteed success, because you have to be in the first few top options. To make this dream a reality, we compiled a few nifty tips & tricks to get you started.

    All is fair in love and SEO, so use any advantage you can.

    1. Strong headlines grip readers

    Think about all the work you did to write your blog. All that research, and technique you poured in to make the perfect blog post. Now take all of that time and effort and apply it to your headline in the same manner. Domain names, blog headlines and titles are everything, when it comes to driving user intention. It has to be catchy, important and griping so that the potential user is persuaded to spend time reading it. And the more people read it, the more traffic and exposure your WordPress Blog gets.

    2. Consistency trumps chance

    Compare your WordPress Blog to a restaurant. Would you go in, and dine in a run-down, neglected restaurant with an empty menu? Of course, not no one would. The same logic applies to blogs, as you have to keep pumping out content to keep it afloat. Content drives traffic, any digital marketing guide will tell you that, and you need to keep it consistent. If you do three blog posts per week, keep it that way. Slow and steady wins the race because more and more viewers will flock to an active blog site. Speaking of progressive growth, here is our next item.

    3. Track metrics

    Tales of blogs going big overnight are almost a myth. Growing your WordPress Blog is like growing a tree. Progress is made every day, and you need to track it. Linking your blog to Google Analytics can reveal all kinds of useful info that you can incorporate and use to your advantage. When are the active hours of your visitors? From which country do they come? Are they reading for one minute or more? What devices are they using? These and many others are all guidelines that tell you who your key demographic is, and then you can use this info to improvise, adapt and overcome. Catering to your target audience makes them feel appreciated and drives like-minded individuals to your blog.

    4. Ask the pros

    SEO strategies are too many to list. While you can gloss over a myriad of articles and start implementing some, mastering SEO is not a skill that comes overnight. Not to mention proper SEO takes time, money and effort. All of which you are better off using to grow your blog with quality content. Think of SEO as a game you are playing with Google. The better you are at it, the better position you will have. Reaching out to an experienced SEO agency can make all the difference in the world. This small investment can do wonders for your traffic and keep you on that first page where you belong. All you have to do from that point is to keep pumping that content and ride the wave of success.

    5. Leaner blog

    Studies have shown that if your site takes more than three seconds to load, you will lose an average visitor. One, two, three and you are out! A good blog has multimedia content on it, but this same media can take a heavy toll on your load times. That and other hidden factors are all weighing you down. All of the pictures you are using have to be compressed so that they take less to load. Locally cashing the data from your end, helps speed things up as well. Using free extensions like WP Minify helps with all those scripts that are running in the background. The more optimisation you make, the faster you are in the race for your user attention.

    6. It’s all connected

    No man is an island, and neither is a blog. Your blog can be the focal point, your bread and butter, your main attraction, but it needs other pillars to hold it up. Google and SEO strategies love connected places, and the more places your blog is connected to, the better. FB, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, you name it, and you have to be at it. Remember that item where we discussed the importance of metrics?

    Well, now you can use that for when you want to decide on which other platform you wish to branch out. Think of all these platforms as guiding lines that funnel traffic to your blog. When you make your blog post, it’s made on, well, your blog and only there. But when you cross-post it to four other platforms, now it’s posted on five places total. And each of these places has its audience that you can adapt to in subtle ways. This way your post will better resonate with them.

    7. Internal linking

    One more item on the importance of linking is to internally link your content, as well. We discuss the importance of external linking, but connecting your blog post with other, previous, blog posts on your site helps with SEO and optimisation. It also makes users stay longer as they explore and read all your previous work. That way, nothing goes to waste.

    8. Engage with your users

    Any comment, forward, upload, share, picture or post made by each of your users is a chance to grow. People love to be noticed and appreciated and, when you interact with your community, you are driving their engagement. Taking time to respond to each of the comments or posts your users make, validates their time and choices. If you get a genuine email from any of your users, that becomes a pivotal point for keeping them engaged. Always remember, nowadays everything is transparent, and your digital footprint is left on the internet forever. Better make it the best you can.

    9. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint

    Our last piece of advice is a bit cliche but has proven true. Don’t give up. Miracles take time to happen, despite what movies tell you. Every time that you get one new reader or a visitor, you can celebrate for your audience has grown that much. Small victories like this pile up to produce over time what you want. A healthy, thriving and popular Word Press blog. Keep at it, be regular, don’t forget why you started and keep typing away. Quality gets rewarded. All you have to do is keep doing what you love.

    The blogosphere is a wonderful place to be. Many people can’t even imagine their daily routine without it. With all of the pros come the cons. It is a cutthroat race and a constant battle for each user. All is fair in love and blogging and by making any of these changes, you are already giving yourself a head start. Any changes are better than none, so we wish you all the best in implementing them and for all your future endeavours.

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