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    8 Ways to Make your Google Chrome Browser more Faster

    It is an undeniable fact that Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers at present. It serves web pages at a very fast speed then many other browser present in the market currently. Google Chrome saves time and enhance your productivity. However being an application, it also gets effected day by day in terms of both speed and performance accompanied with some weird error messages. However there could be lot of reasons behind it, but most probably it happens because of browsing data. to make your google chrome browser more faster, there many methods that you can follow.


    Google chrome is a widely used browser mostly on desktop screens. This browser is known for its fast speed and reliable performance. There are many plugins of chrome that has decreased the use of additional software programs. But along with all these features, its speed may decrease because of many reasons. For a continuous and effective work, it is necessary to clean your browser and keep it lighter as much as possible. Several tips are provided here to make your Google Chrome Browser more Faster and flawlessly.

    google chrome browser more faster

    1. Make your Chrome more faster with web boost Extension

    google chrome browser more faster


    FastestChrome is a chrome friendly extension from the makers of the popular Firefox extension, FastestFox which allows users to save time while browsing and searching information on the web. FastestChrome extension works by adding a range of extra search functions to your browser i.e. when you highlight a word or phrase, a pop-up bubble appears with extra search options.

    2. Delete History and Unused Data

    google chrome browser more faster

    This is really influential procedure to make your browser fast by removing all the old history and data which is of no use to many of us. Let see how to do this.

    Open Google chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete together, a pop up as shown here will appear, here you will get many options to delete your browsing data and history up to a particular time period. It will automatically make your google chrome browser more faster. justmake a selection and go for it!


    3. Uncheck DNS Pre-fetching technology

    google chrome browser more faster

    The DNS pre-fetching technology is centered around improving the way web pages are loaded. Sometimes this feature doesn’t work properly which may give rise to several problems like your browser could hang while loading a website or shows different error messages like “The webpage at  might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address”.  Here are some suggestions:  Reload this web page later.” or “Resolving Host”. Here is a Google Chrome trick which is simple enough to solve this issue and give faster surfing experience:

    Firstly, Open Google Chrome.

    • Click the Spanner icon located on the right side of the browser.
    • Click Options and choose Under the Hood tab by clicking on it.
    • In the Privacy section, untick Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance.
    • Click the Close Button.
    • Restart Google Chrome.4. Use Speed Dial Feature in Google ChromeSpeed Dial  saves lot of your time while using Chrome. It can be used by replacing the default “new page” tab in Chrome with the logos from your most frequently visited and favorite Web sites. It also gives a new and better look to your Tabs, with this you can enjoy a fast and intuitive design. By using speed dial you need not to write complete address of website and by visually entering your Web addresses,  your browsing experience will become much faster in Chrome.

      4.  Disable unnecessary extensionsgoogle chrome browser more faster

      Chrome extensions are the attachments of browsers which are added to enhance the capability of chrome. You can use them for various activities such as currency conversion, measurement, screen shots and screen recording etc so that google chrome browser more faster . But adding too many extensions will hang your browser so it is recommendation that install only important ones. Useless extensions are responsible for decrease in speed of internet as well as interface too.


      5. Do use Smooth Gestures extension to speed up your navigation on Chrome

      google chrome browser more faster

      Smooth Gestures is a  perfect Mouse gesture extension for Chrome,  which lets you to use mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts for much faster navigation while surfing the internet. Getting any information online by using mouse and keyboard  has never been so faster.  Install Smooth Gestures  that allows you to move the mouse while holding the right mouse button to trigger actions, such as page navigation or tab management. It supports diagonal gestures, syncing/import/export of settings, click-and-drag (mouse gesture), click-and-scroll (scroll gesture), click-and-click (rocker gesture), and keyboard shortcuts.

      6.  Use Quick Tab to organize your multiple opened tabsgoogle chrome browser more faster

      Quick tab is another speed enhancing extension for Google Chrome. It is a tab management browser based on the “Recent Files” quick selector. It provides a miniature visual view (called a thumbnail) of all your open tabs. This makes it easier to find the webpage that you want to view so that your google chrome browser more faster as compare to any other browser. Quick Tab allows you to move quickly between recently used tabs without requiring the use of your mouse.

      7. Use Adblock Extension to speed up page loading timegoogle chrome browser more faster

      This is a popular Google Chrome extension that will clean all the pesky ads present in web page such that you can view web page completely ads free. With this extension ,  page will load faster because it doesn’t have to load those advertising graphics that often come from third party servers.

      8. Use  Cleeki to manage your search tasks

      google chrome browser more faster

      Cleeki is another extension to speed up chrome. If you need to launch search/share/publish tasks based on any content in your browser. Just select some text, and Cleeki can search/share/publish the content and preview the results immediately. Cleeki can also preview a hyperlink without opening a new window/tab.


    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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    1. Most of the tipps doesn’t make anything faster, but even worse: Some may slow down the browser like disabling prefetching, or purging the cache…

    2. I do go with iPhone game development… It is fast but at times it shows error while running script so I use both chrome and firefox.

      I don’t prefer Firefox much as it is very very slow but chrome is lot better interms of speed.

      This article is of great help.


    3. One of my favourite tools is CCleaner. CCleaner is an essential tool
      that gets rid of a many many unneeded files on your computer, not just
      all your junk Chrome files.

    4. Smooth Gestures is nice, but causes a page loading / scrolling lag in chrome.  Also, the gestures render slow, causing errors in the gesture recognition.

      A better alternative is Gestures for Chrome.  It still causes a small lag in the page loading / scrolling time, but much better than Smooth Gestures in overall performance.

    5. This isn’t true in practice ! Chrome based browser’s are terrible slow ! This page loaded with opera in blink of an eye but with chromium almost 10 seconds regardless of what chromium browser you use – iron ist the worst of them ! One can see how its struggles/fighting with graphic on page ! Using extension to clean pages doesn’t speedup page load and i’m siting on 6MB+ broadband using only win and browser ! No i have not a virus but i have faulty chromium browser. Its getting from bad to worse ! Advertising browsers speed is a big lay ! How do you test it on optics with plain win with no security installed with max speed acceleration optimizations on supercomputer to not loaded google server (lab conditions ???)? Browsers to day are consuming to much memory cosing high i/o on cpu strain it sky high and no intelligent pages handling when you opened more than 10 pages ! When i open 10 pages on google web store to install extensions one can see how browser struggles !!! Rely fast browser will be if coded from ground up in ASSEMBLER optimized to max ! And now my hardware to make the picture complette:
      mobo: MSI NEO PT880 7043 v2.0
      CPU: P4 3GHz HT FSB 800 1MB cashe
      RAM: 1GB
      GPU: nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128 MB Ram
      OS: Win Server 2003 Enterprise (Win XP is to bloated – higher win are just worse oversized to bloated too slow even optimized! On linux with the same browser the same picture !)
      If this configuration is not enough for simple internet browsing then i don’t know the world any more or developers of browsers works in conjuctions with hardware vendors ! No os/hardware is fast enough – buy the latest the new ones – we will get the same result go ahead and buy the latest one ! Your broadband is also not fast enough buy optics 10 to 100 MB+ not fast enough go on MARS ask some alien for help offered tech on earth isn’t fast enough !
      Someone on developers side has lost some mind/compass-ses and its time from users side to raise voice and complain abaut faulty development ! If it’s free that doesn’t mean than can be so SLOW not to mention other things ! For to many bloated web pages that consuming to much resources are to be blacklisted and not shown/indexed on search engines this way the developers of web pages were forced to rethink how to modularize web page and optimize it ! To many unneeded things to many background links than one can not control or want it and so on ! Lately even social web pages are aggressive with links and all over internet ! Too bloated internet demands more powerful servers and more of them more and more speedy broadband but on our/users side everything getting slower and slower ! For what we pay for more broadband but getting slower and slower internet ??? Do not lay any more give some real solution to real problem and not advertise speedy browser that is not speedy at all ! After all who want’s high speed broadband with bloated slow internet and pay for that every month ! Its getting even worse now someone wants to control entire internet putting ip cop on every user on planet ! The developers are more oriented in censorhip as user experience and freedom ! Where we going and where will this madness stop ? We users deserve all the speed for what we pay for its not ISP fault at least for me – i have no censorship/broadband limits on YET !!!

    6. What about removing and replacing add-ons & extensions with their bookmarklets (such as – Instapaper, Read it Later, Screen Grabs, Evernote and loads more)! Just do a quick search for bookmarklet version/s or suitable alternatives to any ‘bloated’ add-ons.

      Secondly – uninstall (or disable) add-ons that you seldom use. Do you *really* need or use *all* of them – if not, get rid of them.

    7. Excelente trabajo con esta recopilación de buenas extensiones para google Chrome. Les agradezco.


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