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    8 Trending Men’s Hat Styles in 2022

    Stylish men have found hats to be a timeless fashion accessory. Men’s hats like bucket hats, snapbacks, and fedoras are versatile, utilitarian, and glamorous addition to any gentleman’s ensemble. They are also functional, and you can use them in any season. It also gives you much-needed sun protection. Some even come with UPF tags. Moreover, these headgears can complement any casual, traditional, or eclectic attire in a simple yet creative way. For that, you have to know which hat styles you should be trying out. This article will give you an idea of that as it describes some of the most popular men’s hat styles you should be aware of today.  


    Whether you like it or not, this hat style has withstood the test of time. Fedoras are arguably one of the most divisive men’s accessories that evolved from the preferred headwear of the 1920s and ’50s gangsters to 2000s hipster staples. Today, the felt hat with a sturdy brim is back in style and an awesome wardrobe item. Though you get fedoras in a variety of sizes and colors, it would be wise of you to opt for neutral hues and medium widths. 


    It’s a close relative of the fedora, and often people confuse the trilby with it. But it has its distinct features. Trilbies are usually made with straw or tweed and possess a smaller brim and higher crown than a fedora, which allows you to wear them from spring through fall. More than their usefulness, men prefer to flaunt them as a fashion accessory. Generally, instead of pulling the trilby forward to shield your face, you should wear it towards the rear of the head. You will find members of boy bands, like Justin Timberlake donning this hat style, and upper-class men wearing them regularly to horse racing events. 

    Panama hat

    To complete the picture with you wearing a white linen shirt and the sea as the backdrop, you need a Panama hat. This traditional Ecuadorian straw hat with a brim will make you increase the summer sensation. This hat, made from plaited leaves, has become an essential item for the people thronging to sea sides and tropical vacations. But remember, the Panama hat is only designed for sunny days and blue skies. It can never be worn during the winters. They are lightweight, breathable, and come in lighter shades. A Panama hat can flawlessly fit in with a casual beach laid-back style. 

    Bowler or Derby

    Among various mens hats, the Bowler (or Derby) is one of the most iconic hats for British gentlemen. World famous entertainers like John Cleese, Curly Howard, and (none other than) Charlie Chaplin made this hat style famous. It is a stiff felt hat with a slender brim. A bowler is preferred by men of all classes alike. But it would be best if you avoid wearing it informally. Try this hat style with double-breasted blazers and fitted pants, and ace the appearance with a British accent. 

    Bucket hat

    Well, these hats are back in style, and their comeback shows no signs of abating. The bucket hat has evolved from a simple fisherman’s cap to a trendy accessory. It has gained favoritism from various musical and skateboarding subcultures. These hats are made with durable cotton materials like canvas, denim, or wool blends like tweed. The bucket hat is so named because it resembles the shape of an inverted bucket. It has broad sloping (downwards) brims. If you desire to create a casual urban vibe with your attire, this hat will sync well with the ensemble. You can try creating the look with a bomber jacket and sneakers.  


    Men’s wardrobes need a boater hat as it is summertime essential. It’s a hard straw hat, and it is so popular because of the presence of a satin ribbon at the base of the hat’s crown that makes it look marvelous. You might have spotted these hats in period dramas. But they are now back in the fashion arena. Summer is the perfect time to showcase your sense of style to your friend circle with a boater hat. They are interesting, chic, and a good alternative to the fedora and the Panama hats. 

    Pork pie

    The pork pie became famous after it made its entry frequently in Breaking Bad. The 19th-century men loved wearing this hat style. Now, it’s a favorite among hipsters. The pork pie has a cylindrical crown with a flat top and is pinched along the outer edge. If it’s a classy, contemporary, and artistic look that you are after, then this hat style is for you. 

    Cowboy hat

    The list of men’s stylish hats is incomplete without the mention of this western headgear. It represents the cowboy culture, but trendsetters wear it to make a lasting impression wherever they pass by. Though they were created to protect cowboys from the weather elements, the oddly shaped chapeau has evolved into a fashion statement. 


    Now, pick your style and create the desired look to dazzle the people around you. 

    Sujain Thomas
    Sujain Thomas
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