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    8 Must Haves When Working From Home

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    More than half of the world is forced to adjust and adapt to the home office setup.

    Some are privileged enough to have all the proper equipment and space to continue working from home without any problem.

    However, if you are still looking for ideas then this article is for you.

    It is important to keep yourself productive at home.

    Here are some things that you should have so you can continue working stress-free! 

    A reliable router

    Let’s get this straight–you may be subscribed to the fastest internet connection that your ISP can provide for you. But without a reliable router, this will only go to waste! Not all routers are wired the same and are often the main reason why you experience lags and inconsistencies when it comes to data. And chances are, the one you have at home is already outdated. There are a lot of routers with great specs depending on what you need. For home offices, your router should handle multiple activities, video calls for meetings, and heavy-data research.

    If you are clueless about which router to get, we highly suggest for you to invest on a NETGEAR router. NETGEAR has been on the business for quite some time and is the most reliable when it comes to seamless browsing. NETGEAR has a nice selection of routers–from gaming, streaming, household to offices, NETGEAR has surely something for you. 


    Of course, if we’re not going to forget the most important thing when working from home. If you are tired of working with your laptop and looking for an upgrade, consider investing in a monitor. A large display can help you work conveniently if you’re not going to move around that much. A 1080p display should do the trick and will not take up much of your desk space. However, if you are working on some multimedia, you might want to invest in something more that will meet your needs. There are also portable monitors available but they are much smaller in size. But if you are only using some basic work tools like Excel or Word, this should suffice. 

    Laptop Stand

    Staring at your laptop for hours can cause eye strains and cause neck pains. To solve the problem, you need to put your laptop at eye-level. Of course, you’re not going to crouch down because then you’ll be at risk for spine injuries. The best thing to do is to think of a way to elevate your laptop. If you don’t have the budget to buy a new desk, then opt for a laptop stand first. A laptop stand can also help your laptop from overheating since it lets air circulate. A laptop stand can also double as a book holder, tablet holder, mini easel, and more so you’re going to get the most out of your money. 

    A desk

    Good working space will not be complete without a desk. This is where you keep and store everything. Well-built desk space can make or break your overall work from home experience. Modern desks have desk divider screens installed, more usable drawers, and an organized wiring system. But if you’re not going to use desk space that much, your kitchen countertop is always a choice. Be smart when it comes to the height, width, and material of the desk before purchasing a new one. 

    A comfortable chair 

    Speaking of spinal injuries, we understand that working from home gives you the liberty to work anywhere. While it can be tempting to work in bed, your back will thank you later if you invest in a chair instead. We suggest that you invest in an office chair. Office chairs are specifically made to keep the user comfortable and upright. Plus, having one at home helps you keep the border between work and home. Based on your preference, you can check a chair’s ergonomics, design, and build. 

    Light fixtures

    Have you noticed that offices use bright light fixtures? Lighting has an impact when it comes to the productivity of a worker. To mimic your office, you can invest in brighter light fixtures at home. Bright light fixtures help in navigation and minimize eye strains. If you are working during the daytime, then opt for natural light. Go ahead and move your work desk near a window. However, if you work in the night shift, an overhead lamp desk should do the trick. There are also light fixtures that you can adjust the brightness depending on your mood. 

    File cabinet

    A separate file cabinet can help you keep organized. Even if everything has shifted online, having a dedicated space for everything office-related can induce productivity and organization. File cabinets also have some security features to keep your files private. If you work with a child at home, childproofing your files and office-related things is a must.

    However, these could get expensive. As an alternative, you can use a rolling cart tray instead. You can create a filing system using folders and boxes. Plus, you can easily push it around if you’re going to move places more often. You can also use a good old crate and stack them up. They are more durable and you can repurpose them when you need to go back to the office setup. 

    An indoor plant

    Well, technically this will not help you with your work. However, a nice plant can give you a fresh breath of air once in a while. You can add some low maintenance plants like a snake plant or pothos to add a pop of color in your workspace. Adding another living thing next to you can boost productivity and reduce stress levels. Since you will be working inside of your house, you can research plants that can absorb toxins and bacteria circulating inside your home. Also, it is scientifically proven that plants can absorb noise. This is helpful especially if you like to work in the quiet. 

    Stay motivated when working from home! 

    Even though we can only communicate with our other workmates virtually, working from home doesn’t have to be a chore. Working with limited supervision means that you have to be motivated, independent, and focused. The things listed in this article can greatly help you in all of those aspects. Now that everything has shifted drastically, we must also adapt accordingly.

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