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    7 Websites where you can Learn how to play Guitar and its lessons

    learn how to play guitar

    Music is one of the best ways to relax, party or have fun.

    Different types of people have their own unique taste in music listening. One of the most popular music instruments is the guitar for every age group of people. If you are a youngster then there is a possibility that your inspiration to become a guitarist will be much higher.

    If you are impressed by rock bands and want to become one of these artists then it is very important to learn how to play the guitar in the right way.

    This is not a complicated task because there are many websites available on the internet which can provide you with guitar lessons without physically visiting the classes.

    You can see a number of guitar coaching classes are conducted in your locality but they are not experienced enough in teaching. There are some websites which can easily teach you the lessons of world class guitarist.

    Most of them are free while some others charge a nominal amount of money. They can help you to learn how to play the guitar perfectly so that you can exert a good impression on your friends.  

    You can opt for the online guitar learning lessons and here are several websites that can teach you how to play guitar.

    Guitar Alliance

    Guitar Lessons

    It offers an innovative guitar training system.

    By taking their online guitar training lessons you would be able to play guitar like professional guitar players such as Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Kirk Hamett, Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King.
    They offer a complete guitar learning package. Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about the basics, this site is helpful in either case. Unlike certain other websites, you do not require any music reading knowledge for learning guitar on this site.
    Going for a guitar class can be quite expensive. This website offers you the opportunity to learn how to play guitar at a minimal membership cost.

    Pluck and play Guitar

    learn how to play guitar

    This website offers free guitar learning lessons for the beginners.

    Certain basic guitar playing techniques can be learnt in just two weeks. The site does not just include the theoretical explanations to learn how to play guitar, it also includes instructional videos and photographs that explain various guitar playing techniques. Various guitar tips and tricks are available free of cost on this website.

    Guitar Principles

    guitar lessons

    If you are a beginner you can join their free guitar playing course and learn the technique of playing guitar.

    If you already know how to play guitar, you can go to the website to understand how to eliminate various guitar playing problems.

    Justin Guitar

    guitar lessons

    Apparently, the best beginner guitar course ever can be found right here! 

    The beginner course is super fun, effective and what’s more important is it is FREE! Hundreds of awesome easy songs for beginners and detailed accurate songs for more advanced players. 

    The website is providing more than a thousand lessons over guitar notes.  Though both these offer paid lessons, but it is worth spending the money. This website provides a detailed list of courses for every level of guitarist whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional.

    Jam play

    guitar lessons

    At the Jam Play website, you will get a step by step instructions guide on how to play guitar.

    The various steps involved in playing the guitar are explained very clearly on this website. By going through their online guitar teaching lessons you can learn how to play guitar and become master this art easily and very quickly. Currently more than 4 lakh people visited here and get information with the help of videos based lessons. There are 3 sections in this website which contains:-

    • 5399 guitar lessons in HD
    • Learn to play song
    • Get instant access

    If you are a beginner and want to buy a suitable guitar then a guitar buyer book is also provided in this website.

    Artist work

    guitar lessons

    This website offers various guitar learning lessons.

    You can log on to this site and chose from a variety of guitar learning lessons including acoustic lesson, Aerosmith guitar lessons, basic guitar lessons, bass lessons, beginner bass guitar lessons, beginner rock guitar, easy beginner guitar lessons, blues and many more. 

    In this website, 10 professional guitar teachers are there for you to teach the lessons thoroughly.

    There is no need to go guitar learning classes to learn how to play guitar because your teacher is available online direct on the computer screen. They are offering 3 levels of guitar trainings which are

    • Basic (3 months)
    • Select ( 6 months)
    • Best value ( 12 months)

    Prices of all three plans vary from each other. You can select any of the plan and start your training instantly.

    We have just been made aware of a comprehensive review of ArtistWorks on their sister site Beginner Guitar HQ and you can find it here:

    Beginner Guitar HQ

    Helping you become a better guitar player with simple, easy to follow guitar tutorials and reviews.

    They have assembled a team of passionate and experienced guitar experts around the world to provide you the very best content on how to play the guitar, guitar reviews, how to choose guitar accessories and more.

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