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    7 Tips to Enhance Employees’ Engagement and Development

    If you’re a business owner, then investing in your employees might be one of the best decisions you can make. Your employees are the engine of your company and boosting their desire to learn and develop their skills is a very beneficial long-term strategy.

    Make a training plan

    Every good strategy needs a plan. If you want to create an environment that will make people want to engage and learn, you need a good training plan. Your employees must know why all the things they are learning are important and how they can be applied practically. Set some goals and skills that should be acquired and provide proper ways of making that happen in a certain amount of time. The goals should be realistic and obtaining them should make your employees capable of doing something new and useful. Knowledge building should be an interesting process and it should start from basics to advanced courses for people not to become too stressed or overwhelmed. Make training groups based on the number of attendants and find a proper place where nobody will bother you and where you can do the training sessions peacefully.

    Online training

    The pandemics have set some new rules when it comes to gatherings, but don’t make that discourage you. There is an option like online training to reduce the number of persons who are attending the training in person. This way, nobody will have to skip any session. Online learning is also cost-effective and can even be your only way of having training if you lack a good place for training sessions. You can share all the necessary training materials via email or any other way of communication you establish as a primary one. Smaller groups are preferable anyway, so having fewer people in person won’t affect the quality of the training. All the participants should engage in discussion about the practical appliance of the things they learn in their daily work activities.

    Use adequate training materials

    If you want to do everything correctly, then training material that is meant for that purpose is the best option. Whether they are learning a new program language or a new safety protocol, there should be a material designed for learning. Although the internet is full of useful information, sometimes that amount of free learning material can be misleading since one is not always sure what to pick. In this case, you might want to invest a little bit and get some high-quality RTO training resources to obtain the most accurate results. These materials usually offer courses that are divided by chapters and have different levels of difficulty along with good practice sections.

    Apply theoretical knowledge in practice

    We mentioned the importance of practical knowledge and we reiterate that without it, the whole learning process can be useless. From time to time you should dedicate one session to practicing. Depending on the subject, it can be every second class or every third or fourth. Let’s say you’re having training on the new safety procedure. You can simulate a dangerous situation and make people engage in solving it by applying the necessary protocols. Make sure everyone engages to see if everyone has learned it.

    Provide good internal communication

    Communication is one of the focal points in every workplace where people need to collaborate to achieve something. You should use proper channels of communication, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom for video meetings, or some more informal chatting use apps like WhatsApp and similar ones. For emergencies there is always a phone call option, make sure people have each other’s phone numbers saved. Don’t confuse being available with invading someone’s privacy. Communication should be mostly about the business and avoid calling your employees when they are not at work.

    Provide internships

    Internships are an excellent way of engaging and developing at work. People mostly have to pay for the courses to learn something new. If you provide that for them for free they will appreciate it and you will know that whoever engages in the internship is doing it because they want to be there. Maybe some of those interns become a manager eventually and that way you already get a fully formed employee for some higher positions within the company. People who have advanced this way have fewer chances to abandon the company because they will feel more self-accomplishment and gratitude.

    Provide bonuses

    Last but not the least, some economic incentive is always welcome when it comes to any employee. Bonuses can imply cash, vouchers, or any other benefits, like more vacation days. If possible, give regular monthly bonuses based on productivity and quality of work, along with any other parameter you find relevant. Bonuses can also be quartal or based on the time the employee has spent in the company. People who feel they are rewarded for their effort are people who keep thriving in the company.

    Your company’s success depends on your team’s engagement and development. To enhance this to the maximum, you need to have a good plan for training and development and to use the best RTO materials available to you. One thing that your competitors can’t copy easily is the engagement you have with your employees so make that your primary focus in personal relations within the company and provide the best communication possible. In the end, reward your employees with appropriate bonuses for their productivity and engagement and they will much appreciate it in the future.

    Mike Parsons
    Mike Parsons
    Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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