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    7 Security Gadgets That’ll Make You Feel Safer at Home

    Security is every homeowner’s concern, but you don’t need to worry when there are so many effective gadgets to make your house safe, whether you’re in or out. You no longer have to be in the dark on your home’s activity or lack thereof with these security gadgets. You can take extended vacations, leave loved ones behind for a weekend, or go down to the basement without having to worry about leaving a door or window open.

    Security Gadgets That’ll Make You Feel Safer at Home

    Blind Spot Cameras

    As many homeowners realize, it’s not often that intruders use the front door or entry to break into the house. The first floor of many homes is open to any oncoming intruder who can scale or break a fence, cut through some shrubbery, and come in through the back. 

    Blind spot cameras enable you to watch your back door even when you’re not home. If you’re feeling extra paranoid, install motion sensor alarms on the windows and doors of the first floor. However, it’s best to go for features such as arm stay and arm away for convenience and enhanced security. 

    Web Security Cameras

    Probably the tiniest home security gadgets, web security cameras can be placed on the entryway. When armed with a face recognition feature, it can alert you when your neighbor walks into the house.

    They also come with night vision and two-way audio for even more security. Alternatively, you can opt for wired security cameras. They record all-day events, and the added features can alert you of any suspicious activity on your phone or other connected smart device. 

    Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion sensor lights are a no-brainer when it comes to home exterior security. As you walk up to your house or drive into your driveway, they automatically come on. Not only do they provide needed lighting when you get into your home at night, but if anyone tries to sneak their way up to your entry, the bright light will alert you. Motion sensor lights also deter intruders when you’re away, making it hard for anyone to know when you’re not at home. 

    A Camera On DoorBell Ringer

    The peephole is a vital security feature to have in your front door. You can enhance its functionality with a camera attached to the doorbell ringer. As soon as someone rings your doorbell, you can see and speak to them no matter where you are. They also work perfectly for checking who’s at the door when kids get home from school or any other time you need to check before opening the door. To add more security, have the lights automatically come on as soon as the motion sensor camera detects someone outside your door.

    Siren Padlock

    A siren padlock is an affordable security gadget that deters thieves and other home intruders. It has built-in sensors that send you alerts to a connected device anytime someone tries to tamper with the lock. However, you can unlock it with a single touch through a Bluetooth-connected device. 

    Smart Locks

    With smart locks, you never have to worry again about misplacing your keys. You can control the locks from your smartphone and program them to unlock when you get home so you can walk in without having to fumble with your keys. They all have a zillion other features, such as voice control and alarm bells. You never have to worry whether you correctly locked all doors when away. You can control this from your phone. 

    Auto Garage Door Controllers

    If you have a garage door, this is one of the must-have security gadgets easy to install. You can attach it to your car key, and once you’re close enough, your garage doors open without having to fumble with any buttons. 

    Why Install Smart Security Gadgets

    Smart security gadgets improve your home security, make it easier to manage your home, and add the property’s value. They’re easy to install and operate. 

    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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