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    7 Free Mobile and Remote File Access iPhone Apps

    Somedays ago, we posted about iPhone apps for Designer, Now today we are compiled a list of 7 useful free Remote access iPhone apps.Your smart phone can do many amazing tasks than you imagine in your mind. One of them is remote accessing to your PC or laptop. Yes, it is true and possible with some free applications that can be downloaded for iphone applications store. Now you can easily browse the files of your computer while travelling of relaxing at any part of the world. This technology has bring the connectivity at a glance because of its ease of accessibility. You may mention in the comments section if there is any app that is missing but useful.

    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps


    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    Box.net is a web-based service that lets you easily share, manage and access all your content from anywhere. Whether you want to store documents, media or other files, Box.net lets you view, share and collaborate on all your files on-the-go. Best of all, you can sign up for a free Box account. You can easily view, edit and share your files securely through cloud technology. The box provides 10 gb of free cloud storage space to backup your all important documents and files.

    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    With this FilesAnywhere app you can view, share and manage your remote files directly from your iPhone. Share files and folders with anyone without any download, upload photos and contacts, and manage your files, wherever you go. Some interesting features of this amazing application are automatic login, share files and folders to any email address amd view any type of document or media file from anywhere.


    MobileMe iDisk

    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    With MobileMe iDisk, you can view and share the files on your iDisk right from your iPhone or iPod touch.  Log in with your MobileMe username and password for this MobileMe subscription required and you’ll see a list of the folders and files on your iDisk. Select a file to view it on your iPhone. To share a file with someone else, just tap the share icon, choose your recipients, and MobileMe iDisk will send them an email with a link to download your file directly from MobileMe. You can assign a password to keep your files secure and even limit the number of days the download will be available – all right from your iPhone. MobileMe iDisk has some features like you can view files on your iDisk, access Public folders, Easily share files from your iPhone, quickly access recently viewed files,view iPhone-supported file types–including iWork, Office, PDF, QuickTime and more. (Files larger than 20MB may not be viewable.)


    ezShare Files

    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    ezShare’s powerful WiFi drive is now free for everyone! Plus test-drive ezShare’s best-in-class file access and remote desktop features. It lets users HTTP WiFi Drive that lets you access your iPhone or iPod touch from your computer or any web browser. Transfer files to/from your computer, You can Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Zip and Email files on your device, Text Files : Create and edit text files on your device or remote computer , Create : Voice recording, photos and movies, Copy images from the iPhone clipboard, Peer to Peer bluetooth file sharing (with other ezShare users only), Password protection within the app. Note free version does not allow you to view/download files or stream music or movies.



    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    All of your data at your fingertips…anytime, anywhere, from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. With SugarSync, instantly access cloud-synced files, photos and music from all your computers. View files and photos, stream music, and share files (and even complete folders) with friends and colleagues – no tethering required. It is the best way to backup, access and synchronies all your documents and files with the help of internet. This beautiful app is available in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.


    FileApp (Documents & Files reader)

    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    Easily copy files on your device for a quick look on the road. Powerful and yet still very user friendly, FileApp will let you find the document you’re looking for within seconds. Copying files over to your iPhone or iPod Touch takes place wirelessly (by FTP). It is available for all apple devices like iphone, ipad and ipod touch. The high security feature of this app includes file encryption with IOS data protection and wireless transfer password if needed. On the basis of customers rating, it has achieved 4.5 stars.



    7 free mobile and remote file access iphone apps

    Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. Dropbox lets users Access your Dropbox on the go, View documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and photos; Export files to other iPad apps, “Favorite” files to download them for fast, offline viewing, Use your iPhone camera to take photos and videos and save them directly to your Dropbox, Share and send files via email, text message, or copy and paste links to use in another app, and Swipe your way through photo galleries.


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    5. I use Microsoft LiveSync to keep my laptop’s “my documents” folder always in sync with my home pc’s “my documents” folder.

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