When it comes to your Mobile Phone,  Apple or Android you want the best Apps you can find.

Here we have compiled for your pleasure 7 of the Best Android GPS Apps for all Android Devices. (Sorry Apple owners – we will have to put another list together just for you.)

Are phone based GPS apps really better than personal navigation devices?

I believe they are.

Phone based GPS systems have the ability to do much more complex tasks that would be impossible without a wireless data network.

These days, a GPS system is a very helpful because with the help of this app we can find anything we need to search for.

We can locate our friend if they are ever lost or kidnapped.

Below are some of the location based apps.

With great advancement this technology is developing day by day, with great advancement.

The more new apps are originating day by day and some of the new apps with you may be many geeks are now very well familiar.

But today I want to review 7 of the Best Android GPS apps for Android Devices which are listed below.

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Best Android GPS Apps for Android Devices

There are hundreds of GPS apps available in the market place for Android phones so we have done the hard work and compiled for you 7 of the best Android GPS apps for your Android Phones.

Tell us what you think in the Comments section below.

1. Maps- Navigation and Transit

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

Google Maps with navigation is available for Android 1.6 and higher.

This suite has proven itself and is currently the most popular GPS app for Android 1.6 users and above.

It includes many features that no other GPS apps are able to provide, such as Street View and Satellite views.

2. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

Map factor users can watch the maps in both 2d and 3d formats without losing any details.

The Android version offers all the features including voice command, door to door rout planing, find nearest point of interest and open street maps etc.

Beyond sharing their location and status information with friends via phones, map factor users can also easily share their information with popular Web services such as Facebook and Twitter or personal blogs and Web sites.

3. Glympse – Android GPS App

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

Glympse uses the T-Mobile G1’s GPS to find your location, then lets you send a link with that location to a friend, family member, business associate and so on.

When the intended recipient receives the link, they can click on it to open a dynamic map that displays your location in real-time.

Rather than being yet another social network that you have to fill out a profile for, invite friends, and all the other usual hassles, Glympse requires no registration or login.

And friends are temporary. You can choose to allow your location to be seen for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours which drastically simplifies the user privacy process.

4. Locale – Android GPS Apps

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

This is the clever kind of app that I love. It uses your location to adjust settings on the phone.

It might seem a little confusing at first, but you can program your phone to perform certain functions when you get to predefined locations.

For example – You can set the phone to remind you to charge your battery when you walk through your front door.

You can set the phone to go switch to silent mode as soon as you arrive at the cinema.

The list is endless and you can configure it to do exactly what you want. Shame this is only available for Android.

5. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

It is a single application that perform multiple activities such as location search, traffic details and maps navigation.

It is world’s largest community based location service where users share their locations and alert other users about the traffic conditions.

Live maps, automatic rerouting, torn by turn voice guidance are some of the interesting features of this application.

The motive of this app is to provide information for common good. you can also contribute in it by sending the GPS coordinates of your location.

6. CoPilot- Android GPS Apps

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

If you do a lot of traveling and often travel off your planned routes CoPilot is for you.

CoPilot’s software works on maps that are downloaded to the SD card on the phone.

The larger storage of a SD card allows you to fit the maps for all of North America on the phone.

CoPilot also has a nice interface that is easy to use while driving.

If you are used to a conventional GPS system like a Garmin, CoPilot is the closest you will come in terms on interface.

I also prefer the voice alerts much better on CoPilot than on Google Maps.

Copilot does everything you need in a GPS app, even thought it may not include some of the fancier features like Street View.

7. Wisepilot– Android GPS Apps

7 best android gps apps for you android devices

WisePilot is another of the Best Android GPS apps for Android Phones. Honestly I feel this app doesn’t set itself apart from any of the other GPS apps enough to justify a $69.95 per year price tag.

Yes, it does get you to point to point. It does have points of interest and voice alerts, but so do the free apps along with CoPilot.

The one thing that it does do, is it lets you manage all your routes online.

This can be a very nice feature if you are planning a trip.

You can map out an entire trip from start to finish, including places to eat and the gas stations you will have to stop at, all on their website.