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    6 Ways to Cut the Costs of Your Study Abroad Program

    Many prospective students around the globe wish to study abroad, and it can be an experience of a lifetime. However, the entire admissions process is pretty expensive. Fortunately, some opportunities enable aspirants to get international education at affordable costs. Numerous international academic institutions and student loan-providing organizations offer pocket-friendly study abroad deals. 

    Read on further to find six go-to strategies and low-cost study abroad alternatives.

    Before Applying Abroad Contemplate Institutions’ Administrative Costs

    Although numerous international academic institutions offer fully-funded scholarships, it is a fact such grants and scholarships usually come with some administrative costs. These may include study material costs or documents processing fees for enrolments. 

    While administrative overheads are not steep and generally vary between a few hundred per semester yet these minimal expenses can add more bucks to your study abroad budget. So, keep in mind all these scenarios, and choose the country or academic institutions with low administrative costs.

    Transportation Fare

    Some international scholarships offer return and outbound flights fare.  However most grants do not cater to flight and transportation expenses, and after getting admission to any international university, aspirants have to manage their travel expenses. Furthermore, if you get accommodation far away from your college or university, the daily commute will be an additional expense. Therefore, you must scout around for cheap lodging options near your university/college.

    Many countries offer special discounts or coupons to students, but a long commute is a hidden price for students. Touring around and exploring neighboring cities will incur additional costs. So, make a list of countries that cover transportation expenditure and plan your living cost accordingly.

    Travel and Health Insurance

    When you decide to study abroad, you will stay away from home for one to three or more years. It is, therefore, essential to get covered with health and travel insurance to avoid any later inconvenience. 

    Different countries travel and health insurance for international students a prerequisite. In some countries, the government provides health and travel insurance to incoming international aspirants. However, most countries do not cater to free insurance, and international aspirants require private travel and health insurance. Therefore, do your research and jot down some suitable insurance plan options as per your pocket.

    Housing Outlay

    Significantly prospective students should be mindful of lodging expenses because it constitutes a significant chunk of the monthly budget. Grants and scholarships that offer living cost compensations are the best options for international students, but these have limited seats and tough competition. 

    If fully-funded scholarships are not the option for you, you can save your money by renting a place on a sharing basis, as it will reduce your housing outlay burden to some extent. 

    Also, many countries like the Southeast region of Asian countries are most economical because of their affordable living costs. On the contrary, European countries, Japan, and South Korea are expensive. Therefore, select the country and scholarships as per your requirements.

    Pick a Small City!

    While considering various options before applying to any study abroad program, it is noteworthy to settle for small cities, as big metropolises have bigger price tags. And, if you want to get a foreign degree at an affordable cost, institutions in small towns are the best options for you. It is substantial to understand various academic institutions in towns provide quality education and internship opportunities. So, list down some small cities of your desired country and select the most economical one.

    Shop from Inexpensive Stores

    After getting admission to your desired country, you will have to stay there for some years and need to save money. The best way to do that is to shop your essentials from thrift shops or consignment stores. These stores provide used but good condition apparel and items at affordable prices. Be careful while buying and check the quality of clothes to ensure these are not torn or damaged. Also, for students like you, numerous discount stores are the best options to shop at discounted rates.

    Wrapping Up

    Getting admission to your dream university abroad might be one of the most remarkable experiences! It’s a not-to-be-missed chance for every aspirant to make friends, network, travel, and explore cultural diversity.

    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan
    Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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