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    6 Tips for Driving in the Snow

    It’s coming up to the winter season here in the US and while some states like Arizona happily enjoy mild conditions and warm weather most of the year-round, for other states like New York and Idaho, the coming cold season isn’t going to be something that everyone looks forwards to!

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    Driving In Wintery Conditions

    There are many people who actively love driving in the snow, and it’s at times like this that insurance companies like Bronco Insurance are inundated with calls from drivers who have been in accidents relating to poor road conditions.

    What can you do about it though? For one thing, you can learn how to drive in the snow properly. This will ensure that you are not only safe for yourself but also for others on the road.

    Don’t Stop on an Incline

    It’s common sense, but you’ll be surprised how many people forget this when they are stuck in the snow!

    If you have your vehicle stopped on a slope, it is very easy for your vehicle to slip back down or slide forward. Stay off the brakes as well, as this will only make things worse.

    Use Low Gear When Getting Up Hills

    The best way to overcome an uphill climb is with gears that are lower than usual.

    This way you’ll be able to climb the hill in a more controlled fashion and not feel like you’re going to drive off the side of the hill and into a ditch.

    Use Your Hazards

    If there is snow on the road, make sure to use your hazards if you happen to be driving on a straight stretch of road while using cruise control. This will ensure that other drivers see you and know that you are driving cautiously for a reason.

    If you find yourself in an accident, this will also alert other drivers that there is an obstacle in their path, which can hopefully prevent another collision from happening.

    Avoid Sudden Steering Movements

    It’s tempting to turn the steering wheel sharply to change lanes, but doing this could be dangerous if there is ice and snow on the roads.

    If you can help it, avoid making these sharp turns. Instead, stay in the same lane and slowly navigate into another if you need to change lanes.

    Turn Your Wipers on Before Going Out

    This is a good tip for all drivers to make sure they do before they head out on a trip, not just those who are driving in the snow!

    If your windshield wipers don’t work properly or freeze up, you’ll have a much harder time seeing clearly while driving in snowy conditions. Turn the wipers on!

    Be Aware of Other Road Users

    When driving in the snow, always keep your eye on other cars or trucks that are driving behind you at all times.

    Don’t get too wrapped up in your own journey and forget about what others are doing. If you are driving slowly behind someone else, let them know that you’re there before starting to pass, so they don’t have any reason to panic or swerve suddenly.

    This is especially important if you are driving alone at night.

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