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    6 Reasons Suzuki Cars Are the Best Option for Your Budget

    Many of us have owned a car before a home, some even before finishing high school. It brings a feeling of independence, before becoming a status symbol or a way to travel around. But, how to choose the right vehicle that will be safe, affordable, and serve you well? Well, first you should focus on a reliable manufacturer that covers all these characteristics, and one of them is Suzuki.

    Founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909 in the Japanese village of Hamamatsu, the company started its business by producing weaving machines. In 1955, they released their first car after previously manufacturing motorcycles — the 1955 Suzulight. Now, the company is a corporation with offices, distributors, and factories all over the world with a recognized brand.

    However, this is not all, and the following 6 reasons Suzuki cars are the best option for your budget will prove it.

    1.    Suzuki cars are reliable

    Based on the Reliability Survey 2018, Suzuki had a 97.7% reliability rating, with Lexus and Toyota behind. The survey included opinions from 18,000 car owners, 159 models, and 31 brands. Just for comparison, the data showed that Tesla and Land Rover were considered the least reliable of all.

    A more recent 2021 What Car? Study showed 97.1% for the brand according to 16,328 drivers and 178 models. With so many brands and models on the market, from new to used cars, this is quite a success for Suzuki demonstrating that you won’t regret buying their vehicle. 


    2.    Their price won’t empty your wallet

    A car is not just a commodity or convenience, but also an investment. Like any investor, you want to know how much you will have to spend and whether that is a good financial deal for you. Suzuki cars are always on the list of cars you can buy on a budget.

    If you are browsing through used car catalogs, you can save even more money. Just pay attention to the age and mileage of the car to ensure it will serve you well for years to come. Because of their reasonable price, quality, durability, and performance, Suzuki cars are always in demand on the market, both for new models and used ones.

    3.    They have great security and safety features

    Future car owners, their partners, and their families have another thing on their minds when shopping for a vehicle — security and safety. While being a responsible and careful driver is crucial, a lot can depend on the manufacturing process and used materials.

    For example, the new Brezza model was launched in the first half of 2022 and already has a 4-star rating from the Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP). Such high safety ratings come due to the fact it has ABS with EBD, six airbags, an electronic stability program, an ISOFIX child seat restraint system, reverse parking sensors, and over 20 other features.     

    4.    You can easily and inexpensively find spare parts

    Repair and maintenance are among the biggest worries when you consider getting a car. When it comes to Suzuki, we suggest you make a schedule that will remind you to change oil and filters, check breaks, and other precautionary maintenance.

    It’s also useful to write down the location of every Suzuki service center where you live and where you travel to. Besides being familiar with the brand you are driving, the experts there use original spare parts and official updates from the manufacturer.    

    5.    Their fuel consumption is among the lowest

    Considering gas prices, your goal is probably to buy a car that doesn’t spend a lot of fuel. Suzuki has two options from its catalog: Celerio and Swift. While you will find more quality cars on the market, those can hardly outshine Suzuki’s cost-performance ratio.

    On the other hand, if you want an eco-friendly car, the Suzuki catalog includes Hybrid Swift, Ignis, Vitara, and Swace models. 


    6.    Suzuki cars last longer

    Durability is one of the most desired features in a car and Suzuki models don’t disappoint here either. Chances are you won’t have to buy a new car for a long time when you get a Suzuki. Instead of trying out the newest advancements, like self-driving technology, these cars stay true to the proven practices.

    Because of this they won’t break down as often or fail to serve you well, so you may drive one as long as you don’t decide it’s time for a new buy. The Suzuki engine, for example, is quite resilient even though some other brands offer better options. However, its efficiency doesn’t rely on how powerful it is, but on how it’s easy to maintain and improve, giving it prolonged life.  

    The bottom line

    If you observe these facts, you will notice that one of the most compelling reasons Suzuki cars are the best option for your budget is the ease of maintenance. A car is like a house, you need to care for it so it doesn’t deteriorate. Regular maintenance can cost money unless you own a car whose spare parts are highly available and affordable, like Suzuki’s. Bearing in mind you can choose from differently priced and equipped models, it’s safe to say that this manufacturing giant has something for everyone’s taste and wallet. 

    Mike Parsons
    Mike Parsons
    Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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